A Guide to Choosing a Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer in 2022

Laser cutting machine manufacturers are located all over the world. Generally speaking, laser cutting machine suppliers can be divided into two common types, CO2 laser cutting machine manufacturers and fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers.

In addition, the quality of the products, manufacturing process, working experience, research and development capabilities, and machine prices of laser cutting machine suppliers vary greatly.

If you want to buy a good quality laser cutting machine from a reliable laser cutting machine manufacturer, then this guide will give you some useful advice.

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

1. Factory

Seeing is believing. Laser cutting machine manufacturers, don't listen to others. If you have time, make sure you go to the factory and see for yourself. The factory is where the laser cutting machines are manufactured. And it's easy to test the machine's cutting directly on site.

First, look at the size of the factory. Generally speaking, factories that occupy tens or hundreds of square meters may have an advantage in terms of price. But they may change their business or run away at any time. Therefore, you should try to choose a laser cutting machine manufacturer with a larger factory.

In addition, it also depends on the number of workers in the factory. If there are fewer workers, it means they are not doing much business. Also, observe the office space of the laser cutting machine manufacturer. If their office area is clean and well laid out, it means that the company is demanding.

Only a strong laser cutting machine manufacturer will have such strict requirements for their staff and office environment. Then they are more likely to produce laser cutting machines of a high standard.

2. Quality

The quality of the machine is the foundation of all enterprises and is the litmus test of the manufacturer's manufacturing process. Therefore, when choosing a laser cutting machine manufacturer, no matter how famous the brand is, the first thing to note is the quality of the laser cutting machine.

Various laser machine manufacturers say that the quality of their machines is very good. But as consumers, how should we go about identifying the authenticity of laser cutting machine manufacturers?

I think the best way to tell is to visit the factory in person, but if for some reason you cannot come to the factory to check the quality of the machine, you can ask the laser cutting machine manufacturer to send you some videos of the machine in operation and samples of the machine processing.

A strong laser cutter manufacturer usually works with a first-class supplier of components for laser machines, has a superb production process and a comprehensive quality control system. As a result, the quality of the laser cutting machine is highly consistent. The quality of laser cutting machines does not vary, even on a sample basis.

3. Price

Regarding the price of laser cutting machines, everyone wants to buy the best quality machine at the best price. It is not that a good quality laser machine is more expensive or that a low-priced laser machine is not good.

Because the customers themselves are more concerned with cost-effectiveness, all they want is a laser machine that they can buy and take home and use satisfactorily. Therefore, when choosing a laser cutting machine manufacturer, we need to find the one that can find the best balance between quality and price.

4. Innovation

Innovation is the first productivity of a company. When laser machines come to market, their competitors follow suit, and competition in the market intensifies. Therefore, the key to a laser cutting machine manufacturer's sustainability lies in having sufficient research and development capabilities and being able to launch new laser machines ahead of their competitors - two things.

If a laser cutting machine manufacturer does not have a strong innovation capability, it will sooner or later be eliminated from the market. So how do we judge a laser cutting machine manufacturer's ability to innovate?

Firstly, observe the laser machine display area of a company to see if the laser machine on display is the current popular design. If it is the latest style, then such a laser machine manufacturer is keeping pace with the times, or even walking in the forefront of the times.

Secondly, see if they can offer effective advice for your business. We can talk to the laser machine manufacturer's expert team to find out what their future market expectations and laser machine plans are. If there are no problems with the above two points, you can initially decide that the manufacturer has some innovative capability.

5. Service Support

A really strong manufacturer of laser machines must have perfect service and technical support. Technical support is mainly reflected in the following two aspects. On the one hand, it is reflected in the ability to customize the laser machine, regardless of the hardware and software, size and appearance, and to design and produce the most suitable laser cutting machine for customers according to their business needs.

And such a laser machine layout requires a lot of money and manpower, which is proof of the extraordinary strength of such a laser cutting machine manufacturer. In addition, if a laser machine manufacturer has a rich and diverse product line, we will have more references and options to choose from.

On the other hand, reflected in the service system, a perfect service system is very important. Many manufacturers have given up profits and neglected services in an environment of fierce price competition, which is highly undesirable. Therefore, a perfect service system is a reflection of the strength of the manufacturer. The perfect service system mainly includes three stages: pre-sales service, in-sales service, and after-sales service.

Pre-sales service mainly includes understanding customer needs, providing solutions, sampling, testing, etc.; in-sales service includes machine recommendation, function introduction, common problems, etc.; after-sales service includes machine installation, operation, warranty, and troubleshooting services.

6. Production capacity

Production capacity has a direct impact on delivery times. We can find out about the order processing process of a laser cutting machine manufacturer by talking to the manufacturer's sales staff. Assuming that the salesperson cannot explain the process clearly, we may encounter some problems.

For example, we will not be able to find the person responsible for the order, keep track of its progress or know when it will be delivered.

It is also important to pay attention to the packaging and shipping of the laser cutting machine, including whether the packaging and shipping methods are safe, whether the logistics company the manufacturer works with is guaranteed and whether it has a bad track record.

7. Reputation

The integrity of a laser cutting machine manufacturer can be tested on two levels. Firstly, whether the manufacturer is accountable to the customer. A reputable laser cutting machine manufacturer will always be concerned with the quality of the machine and after-sales service. Secondly, whether the salesperson is honest with customers and agents.

Some manufacturers' salesmen encourage their partners to place orders by promising to be online around the clock, or even promising extended maintenance periods and the possibility of immediate delivery, thus attracting customers to actively place orders and pay deposits.

However, after receiving the payment, they will use various excuses to push back, extend the delivery period or make disappearing acts, etc.

8. Management System

You can tell from two aspects whether the laser cutting machine manufacturer has a sound management system.

One is whether the manufacturer's management of the sales manager is in place. Assuming that the manufacturer's management is not in place, it will lead to a variety of poor tracking of shipments, manufacturing machine processes do not flow, and other problems.

Conversely, the management in place of the sales manager, not only will help us solve all the problems, but also according to the local market trends to give us some good advice so that we can save heart and effort.

The second is whether the manufacturer's management of the sales staff is in place. The sales staff plays a crucial role in whether the cooperation is pleasant or not. If we want to buy a laser machine, we must first trust the sales staff, so the success of the cooperation depends on the expertise, and personal image of the manufacturer's salesman.

Allwinmac - China's Leading Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

There are many suppliers of laser cutting machines with varying machine capacities and R&D capabilities, some of which do not even have workshops.

Allwinmac is one of the best manufacturers of laser cutting machines in China. With many years of experience in the machine manufacturing industry and a professional and innovative R&D team, we ensure that we provide the highest quality laser cutting machines.

We upgrade our laser technology and constantly update our laser cutting machines to meet the needs of the market and our customers. The laser machines launched are exported to many countries and regions such as Europe and America.

Our laser cutting machines are loved by customers at home and abroad because of their beautiful appearance and top quality. At the same time, the factory has strong production capabilities and can provide customized services to deliver complete machines on time and in quantity.

In addition, Allwinmac is a regular manufacturer of laser machines. The range of laser machines is very diverse. Based on years of experience with our customers, we are constantly refining the details of our products and have strict requirements for every aspect of the manufacturing process of our machines.

We have been working with the world's top parts manufacturers to avoid all problems that may arise during the manufacturing process. We have not only greatly reduced the failure rate of our laser machines, but also fully guaranteed the performance of our laser cutting machines.

In addition to this, all of Allwinmac's teams, including the sales team, technical team, and service team, have been thoroughly and professionally trained. We put our customers first and are committed to providing online and offline service and support 24/7, and we will solve all your problems in a timely manner.

Last Words

Nowadays, the market for laser cutting machines is flooded with a wide variety of manufacturing companies and it is inevitable that people do not know how to choose, so it is especially important that you should choose the right laser machine manufacturer for you.

To sum up, you can follow the steps and tips in this guide to choose the best laser cutting machine manufacturer. Feel free to contact Allwinmac and we guarantee you the best laser machine solution for you and a great working experience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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