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Our highly engineered CNC acrylic laser cutter would be the best choice for different industrial applications.

You can find several features and functionalities in our laser cutting machines. Cutting a piece of acrylic of any thickness would be easy for you. Moreover, our team is ready to guide you on how to use our machine. Our team never compromises quality while maintaining a reasonable cost.
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  • Clear Sheeting
  • White Sheeting
  • Colored Sheeting
  • Mirrored Sheeting
  • Light Diffusing
  • Solar Tinted
  • Non-Glare Sheeting
  • Anti-Static Sheeting
  • Impact Modified
  • Textured Sheeting
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Laser technology is a futuristic way of cutting acrylic. Several industries have started using it for cutting acrylic materials to create a range of products.
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  • Signage
  • Acrylic trophies
  • Automobile parts
  • Novelties and gifts
  • Pharmaceutical items
  • Advertising kits
  • Letters

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We provide you with a customizable laser cutter for acrylic cutting projects. Our team will learn about your future needs and tailor the machine. Our engineers also give focus on the laser heads, worktables, and other factors. There is also an exhaust system fitted to the laser machine. Affordable and user-friendly, our acrylic laser cutting machine gives the best value.
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Acrylic laser cutting machine
The acrylic laser cutting machine comprises several components: a machine table, laser cutter lead, laser source, gas cylinders, cooling system, control system, beam delivery system, dust remover, dresser, and air-cooled drying filter.
A laser beam plays an important role while cutting acrylics with a laser cutter. This beam is effective in melting your acrylic piece and blowing the material. The system also uses high-pressure nitrogen gas to accomplish the cutting process.
The acrylic laser cutting speed can vary with how laser power is applied. The standard speed is 600mm/s in case of the 50 watt CO2 laser. But, the power of laser cutter can make a difference in the speed. A 400W laser cutter can cut through a 10mm thick acrylic faster than a 200W laser cutter.
We have designed an innovative laser cutter to ensure the highest accuracy in cutting acrylics. The tolerances can be up to ±0.001.
Fiber laser cutters are faster than CO2-based laser cutting systems. You can apply them for thinner materials because the laser is absorbed fast when cut with Nitrogen. The cost per cut is less compared to CO2 lasers. Fiber optics act as the beam guidance.

On the contrary, the beam guidance for CO2 laser cutters is the mirror optics. Material thickness is not an issue with these cutters. The machine frame absorbs the CO2 laser light. It can reduce the risk of irreversible damage to your retina. Still, you must not look at the cutter directly through the acrylic panel.
CO2 laser cutters are effective in cutting materials like acrylic. However, you can use highly powerful fiber laser cutters to cut thicker acrylics and other stronger materials.
We help you in making the best use of the control system from CypCut. This system integrates Nest, CAD, and CAM modules. There are also other features like-

o Production schedule management
o Graphic cutting technology
o Compatible capacitor
o Light point sensor to find edges
o Automatic drawing optimization
You need a high-watt laser cutter to cut through thick acrylic materials. Thinner acrylic sheets are about ⅛ inch. You can use 150W to 200W to cut acrylic. However, to cut 1-inch acrylic, you need 400W laser.
You need to apply a 10W laser beam to cut 1mm of acrylic. The best acrylic laser cutters have the potential to manage the thicker ones. For instance, you need a 50W laser beam for 8mm of acrylic materials. However, a slower cutting process will give better results. You will find flame-polished edges in the output.
The most important factors that make a difference in the output quality are the type and thickness of the material.
The acrylics are of different types. As you apply laser engraving technology, cast acrylics will be the right choice. On the contrary, the extruded ones are suitable for cutting projects because they provide better edges. You have to focus on laser power that must be effective for the piece of acrylic material.
Due to the capability of maintaining high precision with the CNC acrylic laser cutter, materials do not need secondary finishing.
Yes, we provide you with a versatile laser cutter. You do not need to buy separate machines for every material.
We think that the most innovative technology to cut acrylics is lasers. The acrylic laser cutting process is very fast and cost-effective.
The overall cost for cutting acrylics with a laser cutting machine is between US$6,000 and US$300,000. The power level and configuration can affect the cost.
You may need to pay $11 to $20 per hour for operating an acrylic laser cutter.
While using an acrylic laser cutting machine, you have to focus on-

o Installing the laser cutting machine properly
o Using the innovative technology for higher output
o Communicating with our laser cutter manufacturer to know about the technology
o Choosing the high-standard laser cutting machine
o Selecting the best accessories for the acrylic laser cutting system
We have machines of different types. However, the dimension of the smaller ones is 3m by 4m. Make sure that you have picked the right cutting machine for your project.
We are ready to show you a live demo of how our acrylic laser cutter works. Connect with us for this purpose.
Before buying the acrylic laser cutter, you have to identify the laser type, laser power size, quality of service, and the dimension of the processed components.
We know that proper training enables our customers to use the laser cutter efficiently. You will learn about its operation within a few hours.
Yes, our professional team will provide you with the best technical assistance. We try to give you a timely solution. That is why we have engaged a team of proficient technicians for on-site and remote help.
Our company has the trained professionals who provide services in particular countries where our products are available.
Our laser cutter manufacturing process is highly advanced, and thus, our products do not need much maintenance.
Our laser cutters have a longer lifespan as we pay attention to the laser manufacturing process. Our customers have said that they have been using the machines for more than 10 years.

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