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We are known for manufacturing the best wood laser cutter.

Our qualified and certified engineers have solid knowledge about manufacturing laser cutting systems. The built-in features will make your wood cutting project easier. Moreover, we are ready to customize the system based on your needs. Rely on our team for buying the laser cutter.

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  • MDF
  • Alder
  • Plywood
  • Solid wood
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Bamboo
  • Walnut
  • Veneered wood
  • Composites
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Laser cutting has become a preferable choice for several industrial projects. You can create different wooden products using the laser cutter. Our CNC laser cutter is easy to use, and you will find the most precise result from it.
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  • Arts and crafts
  • wooden gifts
  • Custom furniture
  • Wooden toys
  • Inlays
  • Decorative finishing
  • Wood panels

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laser cutters 

Our engineers are highly committed to helping you in setting up the wood laser cutting machine. Moreover, we have used the latest technology to design the cutting system. Our professional team has earned a reputation as a laser cutting machine manufacturer. You will find quality products from our company.
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Wood laser Cutting
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Wood laser cutting machine
Our wood laser cutters have 10 parts like

o Laser cutting head
o Cooling system
o Beam delivery parts
o Machine table
o Control system
o Gas cylinders
o Laser source
o Air-cooled dryer filter
o Dresser
o Dust removal system
There are several benefits of using wood laser cutters-

o You can enjoy a faster cutting solution with our laser-based cutting technology.
o You do not need to go through multiple finishing processes, as the cutting method maintains precision.
o Our laser cutting process does not consume much energy. That is why it is an eco-friendly option for your project.
o With CAD programs, you can maintain consistency in the process.
o The wood laser cutting machine is versatile, and you can cut different materials like plastic and glass.

Activate the wood laser cutting machine. You will find a laser beam passing through the wood. The treated part will blow out of the cut due to the pressure from nitrogen gas. You will find a perfect cut.
The tolerance level of our laser wood cutter is ±0.001.
You need to choose the right laser power to cut through the wood pieces fast. The average cutting speed is about 8minute/minute. It is 17m per minute in case of a 1000w laser cutter.
Your laser beam’s wavelength and power are major factors affecting the output. You need a small laser wavelength in case of fiber laser cutters. The laser cutter consumes low power, although it uses much electricity.
CO2 lasers are the perfect choice when dealing with wood. Due to the available power options and affordable price rates, they are used for several types of projects. Entry-level CO2 laser cutting machines also have a higher potential compared to diode laser cutters.
Our team will help you in pairing your laser wood cutter with CypCut's control system. It is the industry-standard control system, integrating CAM, Nest, and CAD modules with graphic cutting technology, automatic drawing optimization, production schedule manager, and a capacitor.
For professional needs and DIY projects, the power level can range from 30W to 120W.

o 30W lasers cut through a wood of 3-4 mm. You need 1 to 3 passes for the result.
o 40W lasers are capable of cutting through the wood of 5 to 6 mm. In this case also, you have to make 1-3 passes.
o 75-120W- You can cut wood pieces of 13 mm, and you can achieve the result with 1 to 3 passes.
o 50-60 W- Needed for cutting through a wood with a thickness of 10 mm. These lasers also manage denser and thicker wood.
A laser cutting project involves the act of cutting the wood with a precise and powerful laser. The beam targets a small part of the material. However, the thickness of your plywood must not be higher than 15mm.
An 80W laser can cut through a plywood sheet with a thickness of ½ inch. High-pressure air is needed to remove the charred wood.
The thickness level and the type of material will affect the quality standards.
Our CNC wood laser is a versatile solution, and you may work on the wood of different densities and thicknesses. However, the wood type will make a difference in the finish quality and speed. Balsa and other softwoods differ from oak and any hardwoods. Thus, while buying the wood laser cutting machine, you can consult our team. We will guide you to maintaining the right cutting depth.
Our CNC wood laser cutting machine maintains high precision. You will not need to apply secondary finishing touches to the wood. That is why our clients are pleased with our wood laser cutting systems.
Yes. Our laser cutter for wood is useful for other materials like glass and plastics. Without buying new parts and adjusting any component, you can do it easily.
Yes, laser technology is best for your wood cutting projects. You will have output within the shortest time. Our machines are available at a reasonable rate.
The wood laser cutters can cost US$6,000 to US$300,000. But, the most important things are the settings and power level.
It costs $11 to $20 per hour to operate wood laser cutters.
Choosing the right type of wood is one of the important steps. But, you must also decide on a reliable software application that works with your wood laser cutting machine. To cut wood properly, we have shared some tricks with you.

o Your workpiece must remain in an elevated position. The molten sap will not stick to the base of your piece. You can also achieve it by using a honeycomb bed to sustain the workpiece.
o In some cases, you find scorch marks after cutting your wooden sheet with lasers. It is better to apply a painter’s tape to the bottom and top sections of the workpiece. It ensures protection to the edges and prevents burning issues. The use of air assist also averts the risk of flare-ups.
o You can use sandpaper for removing the burn marks from the piece.
o Make sure that the blades are high quality to get a quality cut.
o You may also stain the wood to obtain a professional output.

Our laser cutters do not consume much space. But, the standard dimension is 3m x 4m, and it can be the best model for your workshop.
Our team is ready to please you with a live demo of our wood laser cutting machine.
The laser cutter’s power, the type of beam, and processed parts are major factors. Our service quality is also important for you.
Yes, our professionals will train you and your team. It will enable you to run the wood laser cutting system safely.
You can contact us without any delay. We will try to solve it shortly.
We have a team of technical specialists to assist our clients in different countries.
We use the latest technology to manufacture the laser cutter for wood. Our CNC wood laser cutters need minimal maintenance.
Our wood laser cutting systems can last long. Our clients have claimed that the machines have worked smoothly for over 10 years.

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