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Plastic laser engraving machine
Do you like to make both creative and scientific approaches to your plastic engraving projects? Rely on laser technology to get the best result.

We are known for manufacturing high-quality plastic laser engravers for our clients. Our engineers have integrated the most innovative features into the laser engraving machine for plastic. Our laser marking and engraving machines are highly efficient and reliable. In fact, our professional's design machines based on your manufacturing needs. You can save costs by using high-performance machines. You will find the best output quality, speed, and capabilities.
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Types of plastics that you can engrave using your laser engraver

  • Polyamide
  • Thermolite
  • Plexiglas®
  • Acrylic
  • Polyurethane
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate
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What you can make with
a plastics laser engraver?


Industries where you can find the application of plastic laser engravers

Plastics are one of the common materials used for different manufacturing purposes. They are easy to mold into different shapes due to their unique properties. However, some industries also need to engrave plastic surfaces to make a product.
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  • Drink bottles
  • Medical supplies
  • Automotive
  • Electronics

Why do our clients prefer our plastic laser engraver?

We have designed our plastic laser engraving machine flawlessly. Moreover, we have used the most innovative technologies for the laser engraver. We also help you to use the best software to use the laser engraver. You will find the perfect output from the plastic laser engraving machine.
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Advantages of using a laser engraved plastic
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Plastic Laser Engraving
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Plastic laser engraving machine
Our plastic laser engraving machine comprises different components like

• Cooling system
• Gas cylinder
• Control system
• Beam delivery parts
• Laser source
• Dresser
• Air cooled filter
• Dust removal system
There are several advantages of using a laser engraver for plastic.

• Get the permanent and waterproof engravings that are resistant to chemicals and light.
• Effective and high-quality laser marking
• High versatility in the engraving design
• A contactless method
• No additional cost for buying inks and chemicals
• The processed plastic does not receive stress
• No pre-treatment is needed
• A minimal setup makes the machine ready for the plastic engraving process.
The high-energy laser beam coming out of the machine is absorbed into the plastic material. The energy gets converted into heat and helps in treating plastics of different types. With the engraving process, you will achieve imprints.
The accuracy of the plastic laser engraver can be up to ±0.001".
The speed of engraving plastics with a laser can be around 0.2 inches/sec. However, based on the laser power and the type of plastic, you can find a difference in speed.
The laser power and its wavelength play a major role in differentiating the CO2 laser from the fiber laser. The fiber plastic laser engraver emits a beam of a smaller wavelength. It consumes minimal power and shows high efficiency.
Laser engraving on plastic can be done with a fiber or a CO2 laser source. The choice of laser will vary with your needs. The fiber laser turns out a white mark on the plastic base. The CO2 laser is used mainly for engraving and etching on the plastic.
Our team will help you in pairing your laser engraver with CypCut's control system. As one of the reliable control systems, it integrates CAD, CAM, and Nest modules. Moreover, these modules have features like

• Light point sensing
• Automatic drawing
• Compatible capacitor
• Graphic cutting setup
• Production schedule management
You can use a CO2 laser of about 30W to engrave plastics.
The laser engraver is suitable for engraving plastic objects with a thickness of not more than 25 mm. However, the laser power and the type of plastic can make a difference in the capability of engraving the surface.
The type of plastics and their thickness are the major factors that affect the quality of the output.
Using a laser, you can engrave any type of plastic like silicone, acrylic, polyamide, polycarbonate, polypropylene, and polyester.
No. You do not needany additional treatment of the material after engraving the plastic with a laser.
Yes. You can engrave almost any material like plastic, wood, metal, and steel.
Our professionals think that laser is the most effective technology to deal with plastic engraving projects. You will find the fastest and most accurate.
The cost of our plastic laser engraving machine is about US$6,000 to US$300,000. It will vary with the laser power level and machine configurations.
The average cost of operating the laser engraver for plastic is $6 to $11 per hour.
To make the best use of the plastic laser engraving machine, you need to know how the system works. Moreover, you must install the machine rightly to ensure proper functioning. You can create a deeply engraved impression by raising the laser irradiation count. It is also important to choose additional accessories to make the machine more functional and highly efficient.
At Allwinmac, we have manufactured machines of different sizes to engrave plastics. The smallest model is about 3m x 4m. We ask our clients to measure their workspace to invest in the right laser engraving machine.
You can contact our team to get the live demonstration for your laser engraving machine. You will learn the way of operating the laser engraver for plastic.
Before buying aplastic laser engraving machine, you must know abo the type of laser beam, the power of the laser, and service quality. Allwinmac provides you with the after-sales service to its clients.
At Allwinmac, we know that comprehensive training will keep you safe while using a plastic laser engraving machine. Our training covers a few hours, and you will learn a lot of tips.
Our team provides both onsite and remote services to our clients who have faced some issues with the machine.
Yes. Our company has the trained professionals to serve clients from different countries.
No. You do not need to maintain it regularly, as it is made of quality parts for smooth functioning.
According to our loyal clients, our plastic laser engravers have served them for more than 10 years. Thus, you will find a long service life for our laser engraving machines.

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