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You have reached the best platform to purchase the custom-designed laser cutter for rubber. Our reliable machines will make your rubber cutting activities easier.

Our rubbers laser cutters have a perfectly engineered design. You will find the desired functionality and features in our machines. Moreover, our skillful and dedicated engineers have used the latest technologies to design the rubber laser cutting machine. Get high-value laser cutters at a reasonable price. We will guide you to operate the machine.
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Types of rubber cut with the laser cutter

  • Synthetic rubber
  • Natural rubber
  • Silicone
  • Microporous foam
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Uses of rubber laser cutting machines in industries

As a stretchy material, rubber is useful for manufacturing different products. Industries investing in rubber need to use a quality cutter to get precise cuts. Our laser cutters have become the best solution for them. With minimal effort, manufacturers in several industries can make laser-cut rubber.
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  • Footwear
  • Flooring
  • Medical equipment
  • Tires and tubes
  • Airbags
  • Gaskets

How have we made our rubber laser cutters popular?

We have employed the best engineers to manufacture our rubber laser cutters. Our professional engineers will ask you about your customization needs. It is also easy to install and set up our laser cutting machine. Thus, you can now make a deal with us and take advantage of our rubber laser cutters. Our machine will increase your productivity.
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Rubber laser cutting machine
The rubber laser cutter designed by our engineers comprises 10 components

• Laser source
• Control system
• Cooling system
• Machine table
• Beam delivery components
• Dust removal system
• Gas cylinders
• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Dresser
• Laser cutting head
You will find multiple benefits of running rubber laser cutting machines.

• The highest cutting speed will save you time and energy.
• The best laser cutters maintain precision in the output. You can avoid several finishing processes for your rubber product.
• The laser cutting machines ensure an eco-friendly solution and do not consume high energy.
• You will also get a highly consistent result from using our laser cutter.
• Our laser cutting machines are adaptable and versatile. You can tailor them to your needs.
As you start using the machine, it will emit the laser beam. The beam helps in melting the material, and you will find the cut out of it.
Our rubber laser cutters have a tolerance of about ±0.001".
The amount of laser and the thickness of the material will influence the speed. Still, the cutting speed can be up to 0.4m per minute.
The biggest difference lies in the wavelength of the laser beam. The CO2 laser wavelength is 10,600nm. But, for the fiber laser, it is 1060nm.
You can use CO2 laser cutting systems to cut soft materials like rubber. However, to cut sturdy metal, you may need a fiber laser.
Our technicians will let you pair your laser cutter with a CypCut control system. The CAM and CAD modules will be highly useful for you. However, production schedule management and compatible capacitor are some other valuable features of the system.
You need a 25 to 80 watts laser cutter to cut rubber materials.
Using the laser cutter, you can easily cut a 3mm rubber piece. But, you need to choose the right laser power, effective for cutting your rubber sheet.
The most important factors directly related to the laser cutting edge quality are the rubber material’s thickness and the type of rubber.
Our efficient laser cutting machines can cut both natural and synthetic rubbers. You may also deal with the engraving process using our laser.
Our laser cutter for rubber maintains high accuracy in every cut. So, you will not need to apply a secondary finishing technique to the material.
Yes. You can use our CNC rubber laser cutter for other materials, including metal and non-metal ones. You do not need to adjust the parts of your machine.
You can always rely on lasers for rubber cutting projects. You will have the most accurate, cost-effective, and fastest results.
The price range of our laser rubber cutter is US$6,000 to US$300,000. It is based on the power level and settings.
It may cost around $6 per hour to run the rubber laser cutter.
To use a laser cutter for rubber, you need to focus on some factors.

• The most thing is the installation of the rubber cutting machine
• Check the technical details of the machine.
• Find the accessories that increase the functional value of the laser cutter.
• Learn about the quality of the output of the rubber cutting machine.
We have the best laser cutters of different sizes. In most cases, the dimension of the machine is 3m x 4m. You have to buy the right cutter for your industrial project based on the available space.
Yes, the live demo is available for beginners. You will easily learn the way of operating a laser cutting machine. You can contact our professionals for any help.
You need to pay attention to every detail, including

• The laser type
• The laser power’s size
• Processed parts
Yes, our team will train you on how to operate the rubber laser cutting machine safely. We take a few hours to train you.
Although our laser cutters do not cause problems, you can connect with our team to get the desired help.
We have the best staff to help you with technical problems. We are also ready to rush to your workshop.
No. You do not need to waste time maintaining our laser cutters. Our product will continue performing better.
We have designed high-quality rubber laser cutters that ensure long service life. Our customers have claimed that the machine has lasted for 10 years.

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