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The packaging industry has started embracing advanced technologies to accomplish everyday projects easily. Our laser cutting machines have become a perfect choice for packaging business owners. These versatile machines are also useful for engraving and marking purposes. We have affordably priced laser cutting machines equipped with the most valuable features.
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Why is laser cutting technology popular in the packaging industry?

Laser cutting packaging systems are an asset due to the potential of automation. You will be able to take advantage of the automated and digitized manufacturing processes. Automation minimizes the risk of errors, and you will find consistent results. You can use laser machines for engraving a production batch. Thus, you may also buy a laser cutter to cut and engrave your packaging materials.
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Application of lasers in the packaging industry

Laser cutting is the most commonly used technology in the packaging field. You can deal with different packaging materials for your products. Using a laser cutting machine, you can make the cutting process faster. Moreover, you can make intricate packaging design with the use of laser technology. Our machines ensure better performance and a longer lifespan.
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  • Tin cans
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Monocartons
  • Composite cans
  • Glass containers

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frequently asked questions

About Laser Cutting Machines
Those who are already familiar with the use of graphic design software can learn about the laser cutter within a few minutes. You can also engrave your material using your laser cutter. You will find it easy to learn the power and speed adjustment settings. You will then be able to use the machine with different materials.
Vinyl Chloride and Hydrogen Chloride present in PVC products can cause risk to the life of a laser system. While cutting and engraving these materials using laser technology, your machine will have irreversible damage. So, you must know the proper ways of managing different materials like PVC.
It can vary with the bed size of the machine that you have chosen. The standard bed size can be about 3000 mm x 5000 mm. You can consult our professionals to know the available bed sizes for the laser cutting machine.
Laser machines have the potentials to deal with different packaging materials.

• Folding cardboard
You can use laser cutters to cut the folding cardboard. But, a slight discoloration of edges is acceptable. You may rely on lasers to create intricate designs.
Moreover, the creasing of the cardboard is achievable by burning away the material’s top layer.
• Corrugated cardboard
Laser cutters are effective in cutting corrugated cardboard. It is especially true for your thin corrugated cardboard. On the contrary, with thicker cardboards, you will find multiple walls. However, for creasing purposes, you can look for other mechanical systems. Although you can apply the laser beam, it can weaken the crease. Use our laser machine for engraving your corrugated cardboard.
• Die-making
Lasers are one of the commonly chosen options for die creation. However, using the CNC machines, you can deal with a definite thickness level of the router bit.
You may cut your product packaging materials precisely with our laser cutting machine. This machine is also useful for making small batches and prototyping purposes. As you need to cut your packaging materials on a regular basis, you can invest in our custom laser cutters.

You can also make the best use of the software to make a perfect design of the packaging material. There is no need to cut prototypes manually. Cutting, scoring, perforating, and engraving- everything can be done with the laser machine.
Laser-based manufacturing presents you with a range of applications. Especially CO2 lasers are highly efficient while processing different packaging materials. For instance, cardboard and paper are the most common items used for packaging purposes. You can cut and mark them to have a perfect shape for your box.

Nowadays, wood, MDF, and other derivatives are used for innovative packaging. Food crates used for transporting edible products are mostly made of wood.

Moreover, polyethylene, propylene, and other types of plastics are used for packaging purposes. Containers are also perforated to control the flow of air and make filtering systems.
Packaging is one of the important steps for keeping products secure. However, it also plays a role in drawing the attention of customers. That is why smart entrepreneurs try to make the packaging attractive by engraving the brand name and other details. Thus, you can invest in a laser cutter that helps you in your engraving process. The innovative machine will leave a lasting imprint on the material. You can imprint the barcodes, logos, dates, and other information using the laser cutter.
The laser cutter produces a beam, which follows curved and straight paths. The laser cuts through different materials like cardboard, wood, plastic, and paper. For the rightly chosen materials, you can adjust the laser for speed and power.
In the CO2 laser cutters, the beam is generated in a tube containing CO2 gas. Using the lenses and mirrors, the laser beam passes to the laser head. It also stays focused on the surface of the material. The best laser cutting machines have electronically operated motors to move the head to engrave and cut the material into the desired shape out of your workpiece. The input file defines the shape of the output.
Marking is a process where the material is not removed by the laser beam. However, it can affect the color of the chosen material. Using the CO2 laser cutting machines, you can try out marking for your metals. You need to apply a marking solution on the workpiece surface. After drying the solution, you can perform engraving.

The heat emitted by the laser creates a bond between the metal and the solution. It will leave a permanent mark.

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