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We have innovatively designed steel laser cutting machines that serve your purpose. Thus, you can contact our team and get the best custom product.

Our steel laser cutters comprise a range of functional parts that increase the value of our machines. Longer service life and flawless performance are other reasons for using laser cutting machines. Invest a reasonable amount in our machine and find a difference in the laser-cut steel.
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Steel suitable for laser 
Cutting Machine

  • Carbon steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Tool steel
  • Stainless steel
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Applications of steel in 
different industries

Steel is a highly useful and durable metal used for several industrial purposes. You need to cut steel sheets of varying thicknesses to make steel products. That is why laser cutters can be the right choice for cutting steel items. Steel has unique chemical compositions, and it is available in distinctive grades. Adjust the laser cutter based on the type of steel you have chosen.
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  • Construction
  • Cars
  • Refrigerators
  • Doors
  • Engine


Our certified engineers have tried to create an advanced design for the steel laser cutting machine. Our cutters are useful for cutting different types of materials. You will become more productive by installing our laser cutting machine.
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Steel laser Cutting
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Steel laser cutting machine
Our steel laser cutting machines consist of some important parts

• Control system
• Laser source
• Machine table
• Laser cutting head
• Beam delivery parts
• Cooling system
• Dust remover
• Gas cylinders
• Dresser
• Air-cooled dryer filter
There are several reasons for using lasers to cut metals like steel.

• You will get a high-speed solution by using our laser cutter for steel.
• There will be no concerns about maintaining precision.
• Laser-cutting technology does not cause environmental pollution.
• You will also notice high consistency in the output.
When the incoming laser beam’s density goes beyond a particular value, the material starts evaporating and creates a hole. The hole synchronizes horizontally to create a slit in the cutting direction. The high-pressure nitrogen plays a role in making a cut.
The tolerances of the steel laser cutter can be up to ±0.001".
While using a 500W steel laser cutter, the speed can be at least 0.4m/min. To take the speed level to 1.4m/min, you need to use a 1000W steel laser. The laser power can affect the amount of speed you need for cutting steel.
The major difference is in the laser power and the laser beam's wavelength. The fiber laser cutter is available with a small wavelength. It is also a highly energy-efficient solution and does not consume much amount of power.
CO2 laser cutters are intended to work on soft steel. A fiber laser is highly powerful, and you can use it for cutting almost any material.
Our laser cutters work with CypCut's control system. You will also be able to use CAM and CAD modules. Other advantageous things are light point sensing, compatible capacitor, and production schedule management.
Steel is available in different grades. Based on the type of steel, you need to use a laser beam of 3500w to 6000w.
Our laser cutter is capable of cutting steel sheets with a thickness of not more than 4mm.
The type of steel and its thickness are the most important factors affecting the overall quality of the cut.
Everything can be cut with our laser cutters, from mild steel to steel alloys and carbon steel.
Our laser cutters maintain a high precision while making a cut. That is why you do not need to apply a secondary finishing technique to the laser-cut steel.
Yes. We have a versatile and multipurpose machine that can be used for cutting other materials. You do not need to replace any component for this purpose.
Yes, several industries have started using lasers for cutting steel. Thus, you can also choose it as the fastest and most affordable steel-cutting solution.
The cost for using a steel laser cutter is US$6,000 to US$300,000, depending on the configuration and power level.
The standard cost of running a steel laser cutting machine starts from $11 per hour.
You must focus on some relevant factors while using our steel laser cutter.

• The nozzle needs to be installed properly to prevent deformation and bump.
• The steel sheet type and quality can affect your laser cutting quality.
• The laser power must not be too high or too low. When it is very high, it may melt the overall surface.

To know some more things, you can contact CNC steel laser cutter manufacturers. We will let you maintain the best standard of output.
Our CNC steel laser cutter does not take much space in your workshop. That is why the standard dimension of the machine is around is 3m x 4m. You have to identify your business needs and the available space.
Yes. You may not be sure about the way of using our steel laser cutting machine. That is why you can communicate with us and get the live demo.
You have to be careful while buying the laser cutter for steel. The most important things are the laser type, laser power size, and other relevant technologies used for the cutter. Our manufacturers also provide after-sales service to gain your trust.
Yes, we do. Our team knows the importance of a safety training program. Although it is safe to use our machine, it is essential to take precautionary measures. You need to engage yourself in training for a few hours.
Yes, we are proud of our technical service providers. Our professionals will provide you with a timely solution when you need them. Both on-site and remote services are available for you.
Yes. Our trained and efficient technicians will arrive at your workshop for the desired service.
As we have used the best quality materials and latest technologies to design the cutter, it does not need high maintenance. You will surely save time and effort.
Our customers have given positive feedback regarding the service life of our CNC steel laser cutter. They have said that our machine has continued working for 10 years without performance issues.

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