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Leather laser engraver
Do you like to engrave leather with high precision? Then, you can invest in our leather laser engraving machines for your regular needs.

We have designed a leather laser engraver of different sizes and models. Our engineers know the needs of the leather product manufacturing industry. That is why we have successfully created the best engraving machines for leather. Our industry-grade machines are equipped with advanced functionalities to make your tasks easier. We aim to increase your productivity with our laser engraver for leather.
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Types of leather that you can engrave with our machine

  • Genuine top-grain leather
  • Full-grain leather 
  • Bonded leather
  • Corrected grain leather
  • Suede
  • Artificial leather
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Industries that need laser leather engraver

Leather is one of the commonly chosen materials transformed and decorated through the ages. There is also a trend of personalizing leather products using laser technology. Thus, you can invest in laser engravers for leather product designing projects. You will get an incomparable result from using our custom machines.
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  • Wallets
  • Belts
  • Bracelets
  • Wallets
  • Bags
  • Footwear
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
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Why have our leather laser engraving machines gained popularity?

We have set the most reasonable price for our laser engraver. Moreover, by investing in a single machine, you can use it for engraving several other materials. The engraving machine is also effective in cutting leather. Using this machine, you may also create delicate patterns.
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Leather laser engraving machine
We have designed a robust and highly functional laser engraver that comprises different components like

• Laser engraving head
• Laser source
• Machine table
• Dresser
• Dust remover
• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Cooling system
• Beam delivery parts
• Control system
You will find several reasons for choosing laser technology to engrave leather.

• There is no risk of fraying leather while cutting and engraving the material with our machine.
• You will save cost and time by implementing laser technology in your leather engraving projects. A single person can manage multiple machines.
• We can customize the leather laser engraver based on your needs.
• The laser engraving process for leather does not emit gases.
The laser engraving process begins with concentrated light energy. The beam targets the right part of your material. The light energy generates heat to treat the leather surface. You will get a smooth and high-contrast mark.
The accuracy level of leather laser engraving machines is about +/-0.01mm.
As a fiber laser engraver (30W) user, you can find a speed of around 6000 mm/s.
The laser power and wavelength can make a big difference between CO2 and fiber leather engraver. In the case of the fiber laser, the wavelength is comparatively small. It does not consume a high amount of power, and thus, it is an energy-efficient solution.
You can use CO2 laser engraving machines for leather of any type. Fiber lasers are useful for harder materials.
Our company provides you with CypCut's control system, which is one of the industry-standard options. CAM, CAD, and Nest modules are also available with the system. Other available options are the light point sensor, production schedule, manager, graphic cutting technology setup, and automatic drawing optimization.
You need to decide on the power based on the depth that is to be engraved. However, the power level can range from 30W to 150W to achieve the desired depth faster.
The thickness level of leather for your engraving project can range from 1/16” to 1/4”.
The type of leather and its thickness can affect the quality of the output provided by the laser engraver.
You can engrave both artificial and natural leather pieces using our laser engraver. You may also use the machine with pigmented leather, antique-grain leather, and veg-tanned leather.
Your leather does not need additional treatment with a high-precision laser engraving process. You can engrave the leather and make it available for your customers.
Yes. You can easily use leather laser engraving machines for other materials. But, you must adjust the laser power for this purpose.
Of course, the laser is the most reliable option for engraving leather and other products. You will be able to make the process cost-effective.
The cost of the leather engraving machine can range from US$6,000 to US$300,000. As we customize the machine, the price may vary.
You need to pay about $6 to $10 per hour to run our laser engraver for leather.
It is easy to operate our leather laser engraving machines. However, you can contact our manufacturers to learn about the special features integrated into our machines. After installing our engraver properly, you can make detailed laser engravings. We will train you on how to use the built-in part of the laser engraver.
At Allwinmac, we have designed laser engravers of different sizes. Consult our technicians to pick the right size. The smaller, portable ones have a dimension of about 3m x 4m.
You can surely request us to show you the live demo of our laser engraving machine. Contact our team and send your message. We will arrange the live demo for you.
You need to be careful when choosing the best leather laser engraving machine. You have to focus on the laser power size, type of your laser beam, and the integrated parts. Moreover, we are ready to provide after-sales service to remove your confusion.
Our aim is to please you with our laser engraver. That is why we provide training to beginners, who have queries about our machines. Within a few hours, you will become efficient at operating our laser engraver.
Our company provides technical assistance to customers who have bought laser engravers from this platform. Our remotely and on-site help will be highly useful for you.
Yes. We have a trained team to provide the best quality service to customers. We can also visit your workshop.
We have used the most reliable technology for manufacturing our laser engraving machines. That is why they do not need much maintenance.
We provide you with a premium-quality laser engraver for engraving leather. Our products have a long service life and offer the best value. Our customers said that they had used the machine for over 10 years.

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