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Aluminum laser cutting machine
While working on aluminum cutting projects, you can choose our laser cutters. 

Our aluminum laser cutters are integrated with arrange of features. You will find a high accuracy and optimal speed with our CNC aluminum laser cutter. Also, our engineers have put the best effort into designing long-lasting machines. You will find the highest quality at a reasonable price.
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Grades of aluminum cut with a laser cutter

  • grade 1100
  • grade 3003
  • grade 6061
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Applications of aluminum laser cutting machines 
in different industries

Aluminum is a lightweight metal with the risk of corrosion. That is why several industries use metal for manufacturing projects. They rely on laser cutters to cut aluminum sheets into precise cuts. These laser cutting machines are versatile and are useful for cutting and engraving several other materials.
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  • High-rise buildings
  • Window frames
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial appliances
  • Aircraft
  • Ships
  • Spacecraft
  • Trains

Why are our aluminum laser cutters 
so popular?

We have designed our laser cutting machines uniquely with the latest technology. Moreover, we have made our products available at an affordable rate. Our machines have high longevity and provide you with the best value.
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Aluminum laser cutting machine
Our aluminum laser cutting machine comprises some functional and high-performing components

• Control system
• Cooling system
• Dresser
• Machine table
• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Laser source
• Dust remover
• Laser cutting head
• Beam delivery parts
• Gas cylinders
You will find more than one benefit of using the aluminum laser cutter.

• Cost efficiency- it does not cost much to set up and maintain the machine.
• Our machine will maintain high precision while producing the output.
• Our aluminum laser cutting machine does not cause negative effects on the environment.
• Due to the compatible cad and cam programs, you will enjoy a consistent output while using the machine.
Our aluminum laser cutter emits the potential laser beam to melt the metal. Then, it helps in blowing out the molten material to get the cut.
Our CNC aluminum laser cutter has a tolerance level of about ±0.001".
Using a 2 kw laser cutter, you can cut an aluminum sheet at a speed of 150 m/min. However, the thickness of an aluminum sheet is one of the important factors affecting the speed.
The difference between the two is the difference in laser wavelength and power. The smaller wavelength of the fiber metal laser machine means it is more suitable for cutting metals, and the laser has low power consumption and high efficiency in electricity usage.
Although aluminum is a thermally conductive, soft, and reflective material, you can cut it with a fiber or co2 laser. Laser beams passing through aluminum at high speed can cut the material.
Our laser cutter for aluminum can be connected with cypcut's control system. In the present laser industry, it is the most reliable control system, which integrates nest, cam, and cad modules. The useful features include graphic cutting technology, automatic drawing optimization, and a capacitor.
You can use 25 to 40w lasers to cut aluminum based on the thickness of the sheet.
To get a precise cut, you can use laser cutters to work on an aluminum sheet of about 4mm in thickness. You may adjust the laser power based on the thickness of the aluminum.
The aluminum grade and the thickness of the aluminum sheet are the relevant factors for the quality of the cut.
You can cut marine-grade and aerospace aluminum alloys with a laser. The innovative laser cutter can deal with aluminum of any grade.
Our aluminum laser cutting machine ensures a highly precise result. That is why you may not need secondary treatment for the cut. You will save energy and time with our CNC aluminum laser cutter.
Yes, you can use our aluminum laser cutter for cutting materials like plastic, wood, granite, and other metals. Adjust the laser power size for the ultimate cut.
You can choose lasers to cut aluminum. You will get faster and more accurate results from using laser technology.
Our aluminum laser cutter can cost US$6,000 to US$300,000. This standard price can vary because of the power level and the chosen configurations.
The cost of operating an aluminum laser cutting machine is about $10 to $15 per hour.
While buying the aluminum laser cutting machine, you need to check the most important factors.

• First, your aluminum laser cutter needs a flawless installation.
• You must choose the right laser power and nozzle size.
• Learn about the technology to be more productive.
• You may add some more accessories to customize your laser cutter.

Contact our laser cutting machine manufacturers and make the best use of our product.
Our aluminum laser cutters are of different sizes and models. The smaller ones have a size of 3m by 4m. Besides, you must measure the space available in your workshop. It will let you find the laser cutter of the correct size.
Sure, we will provide you with a live demo of our aluminum laser cutters. After finalizing the deal, you will learn how our laser cutter works for your aluminum sheets.
You have to be considerate while purchasing your aluminum laser cutting machine. The most important things are the intensity of the laser power, the type of laser, and the processed parts.
Yes. We can provide safety training to our clients. It will save you from injury at the time of cutting the metal with our lasers. The training program covers a few hours of a day.
Yes. Our team will provide you with the assistance you need for operating the aluminum laser cutter. We have certified technicians to help you on-site and remotely.
You can rely on our trained customer service providers and technicians. They are available in countries where our company sells its laser cutters.
Our employees have implemented a high-quality technology in manufacturing the laser cutter. Our aluminum laser cutters do not need high maintenance to continue their operations.
The service life of our machines is longer than that of other laser cutters. According to our clients, our machines last for 10 years.

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