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Laser technology has made it easy to cut advertising displays. Our laser cutters are perfectly engineered to cut the stand-up displays, POS displays, and illuminated advertising boards effectively. We have created an intuitive design for the laser cutting machine. You will get the most reliable laser cutting advertising machine. Make your advertising sign look attractive with a laser-cutting solution.
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Why are laser cutters popular in the advertisement industry?

Using a laser cutter has become a trend in the advertising sector. The conventional advertising production process cannot create a complicated structure and a precise design. That is why laser cutters have become the best alternative for them. You will find faster cutting and higher accuracy with laser cutting technology.
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Application of laser cutters in the advertising industry

The advertisement industry uses different materials to promote a brand. As laser technology is versatile, it is useful for cutting advertising boards and hoardings into different shapes. You will get high-quality solutions by using our laser cutters. Most importantly, the laser cutting advertising industry can use machines to cut and engrave different materials.
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About Laser Cutting Machines
The best fact is that laser beams never wear away while you process materials regularly. Although the machine parts need maintenance, you can save costs in the future. The laser cutting machine does not consume much power, and thus, it will be a cost-saving approach for manufacturers.
Due to the high-speed technology, laser cutters are highly valuable to the advertising business. You can produce different patterns, letters, shapes, and templates by cutting materials of varying thickness levels. Both hard and soft materials can be cut and engraved by implementing the laser cutter. You can rely on our laser technologies for designing signs, displays, logos, and engraved pens. Letters can also be engraved on any material surface. Nowadays, you can find laser-cut signs everywhere. So, you may also take advantage of the technology.
There is a focusing lens to target the beam through the nozzle’s central part to the surface of the workpiece. By focusing the laser beam properly, the lens accumulates the beam’s energy into the spot. That is why it can increase the intensity of the beam.
While using the laser cutting machine, you need to choose the assist gas that helps you with the cutting process. However, your choice of the assist gas can vary with the material to be cut. Especially reactive properties of the material are highly important for choosing the assist gas.

For instance, molten thermoplastics have no reaction with oxygen and nitrogen. On the contrary, as molten titanium cannot react with argon, nitrogen, and oxygen, you can rely on the chemically inert gas. While cutting stainless steel with a laser, nitrogen is the perfect assist gas.
CO2 laser cutting machines are effective in cutting non-metals, as the earlier models have not been powerful to cut through robust metals. However, nowadays, some manufacturers also use CO2 lasers to deal with metal cutting projects. Moreover, they can cut through wood, leather, and rubber.

You can also use our laser cutting machine for engraving purposes. In the advertising industry, there is a trend of using engraved material to display the brand name.
• Wavelength- The laser beam wavelength refers to the vibration cycle’s spatial length. The wavelength of the beam corresponds to the radiation absorption rate of the material. Thus, it heats, melts, and vaporizes the material to produce the desired cuts.
• Laser Power- It refers to the wattage, which may decrease and increase the overall processing time for your laser cutting projects. It can occur because of the increasing beam intensity. The laser cutting costs are also related to the laser power. Thus, advertising board manufacturers must make a balance between equipment costs and processing costs while selecting a laser machine.
• Beam Mode- It indicates the way in which the intense laser beam is allocated across the cross-sectional part of the laser beam. The mode can make a difference in the beam’s focal spot. The beam’s intensity also affects the cut quality.
• Focal spot- The laser beam passes through the lens, and it is concentrated on the smaller spot for higher intensity. The smallest of the beam’s diameter is known as the focal spot.
Laser cutters can cut different types of designs with higher accuracy compared to conventional cutting processes. As laser cutters are controllable with CNC, they can consistently and repeatedly turn out intricate components. Laser cutting technology also generates quality edges and cuts. There is no need for further cleaning and finishing.

The focused beam also helps in narrowing the kerf widths. The thermal effect is minimal, and you will find no risk of damage. Moreover, laser cutting technology produces output without material contamination. You do not need intensive training to get a flawless result from your laser cutting project.
Laser cutting machines are usually used for designing and shaping advertising boards. However, you can also use a laser to engrave your brand name on pens and other objects. Thus, laser cutters are highly useful for a marketing campaign.
• Select the right material- You need to check the properties of the chosen material before applying the laser technology to it. You must focus on the design guidelines, colors, and thickness of the material.
• The gap between the paths- You should maintain a minimum spacing between the paths.
• Prepare the design to be engraved- In the case of your laser engraving projects, you have to work on the design you like to engrave. While engraving the letters, they should not be much small. It will make your inscription illegible to the readers.
• Create nodes- You can make nodes to lock the parts together. Nodes refer to small bumps present on the parts. It will be helpful during the assembly process.

You can learn more tips from our professionals. Still, you can connect to our customer representatives when you have encountered issues with your laser cutter.

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