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Tube laser cutting machine
We have designed premium quality tube laser cutting machines for our clients. Our machines will give you the optimal value, as they are designed with laser technologies.

Our tube laser cutters are equipped with the latest features to make you more productive. You can cut your tubes fast without any accuracy issues. Our laser cutters are known for high performance and longer service life.
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Tube materials that you can cut with a laser cutter

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Carbon Steel
  • Mild steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
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Industries that use tube laser cutting machines

Metal tubes are useful for different purposes. Industries that need to cut these tubes for several needs can invest in our laser cutter. Our laser cutting machines ensure high speed and perfect results. That is why you can choose them for industrial projects.
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  • Construction
  • Railings
  • Automobiles
  • Pipes

What makes our tube laser cutters popular?

We have manufactured our laser cutting machines with the most innovative technologies. Also, our team has set reasonable price rates for the laser cutters. You can use our machines efficiently.
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Tube laser cutting machine
Our tube laser cutter has a range of components, including

• The cooling and control system
• Laser source
• Beam delivery system
• Laser cutting head
• Machine table
• Dresser
• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Gas cylinder
• Dresser
• Dust remover
You will find more than one benefit of cutting tubes with a laser cutter.

• Our laser cutters ensure non-contact processing, and there is a minimal heat-affected zone.
• The lead times will be shorter due to the faster speed of our tube laser cutting machine.
• You will find a higher cutting efficiency, which is essential for mass production.
• Consistency in the outcome is another major reason for our tube laser cutter.
• Using our CNC tube laser cutter, you can deal with any materials.
It is easy to understand how our laser cutter for tubes works. The laser has the potential to meet the target part of your metal tube. The high-pressure gas will help in making the cut.
You will find highly accurate outcomes with our laser cutter for tubes. The contour accuracy will be up to ± 0.05mm.
The laser tube cutting speed can vary with the amount of laser beam you have used. The standard speed for cutting a tube with a laser is about 557'/min. You may choose a powerful laser beam to get the fastest result.
The fiber laser uses a laser generating system to turn out the beam with a higher power density. Like a CO2 laser cutter, high-pressure gas is applied for this purpose. However, the fiber laser wavelength is 1 micrometer, while the CO2 laser wavelength is 10.7 nanometers. The focal length of a fiber laser is longer.
You can use a fiber laser cutter to cut your metal tubes. This laser-cutting machine will give you a maintenance-free solution.
The CypCut's control system can be paired with the laser cutter. You can also integrate CAM, CAD, and Nest modules into it. Furthermore, compatible capacitor and production schedule management systems are available for you.
You need 10W lasers to cut acrylic tubes of 1mm in thickness. However, in the case of metal tubes, you have to use higher laser power.
The type of metal used for the tube can make a difference in the thickness. However, before starting your laser cutting project, you must ensure that the diameter of the tube ranges from 12 mm to 610 mm.
The thickness of your tube’s material and the type of material will affect the quality of the output.
You can use the laser cutting machine for 3D and 2D tubes of any type of section, including square, round, open, and special tubes.
No, your laser cut tube will not need any additional finishing. You can cut the tube and use it for your manufacturing projects.
Yes. Our tube laser cutting machine is highly versatile. You can adjust the laser power size to customize it to your needs. You do not need to replace any component.
Yes, lasers are the best solution for cutting metal. Laser cutting of metal is not only fast and accurate but also relatively inexpensive.
The average cost of the laser tube cutter can range from about US$6,000 to US$300,000. The power level and configurations will affect the price level.
You need to pay around $11 per hour to operate the metal tube laser cutter.
To make the best use of our CNC tube laser cutter, you have to focus on a few factors.

• Know about the function of every part of your laser cutting machine.
• Learn about the compatible software for your laser cutter.
• Understand the laser cutting technology.
• Make sure that the chosen material can be cut with lasers.
• Contact the manufacturer of your tube laser cutter.
• Add some accessories to your laser cutter for the tube.
We have tube laser cutters of different sizes. But, the smallest cutter has a dimension of about has 3m x 4m. Take some time to choose the laser cutter that can be installed easily in your workshop without space constraints
Yes. You can request our team to show a live demo of our CNC tube laser cutter. We will definitely respond to your request.
You must be careful while purchasing a laser cutter for tube. You have to choose the right type of laser beam and adjust the laser power for your tube cutting projects. We provide after-sales service to our clients.
Yes. Training is available for new buyers who have made a deal with us. You will learn the safest way of operating the machine.
We take pride in providing the best assistance to our laser cutter users. Professional technicians will help you onsite and remotely.
We have the best technical service providers to assist clients in different countries.
As we use the best manufacturing process for our laser cutters, you do not need to maintain them regularly.
Our tube laser cutters have a long service life. It is about 10 years, according to our loyal clients.

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