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Carbon fiber laser cutter
Buy our custom-designed laser cutter for carbon fiber cutting projects. Our machines will streamline your everyday cutting activities.

Our Carbon fiber laser cutters are made of solid parts with high functionality. These feature-rich and flawless machines will provide you with the ultimate solutions. Moreover, as we have integrated the innovative technologies, our machines will work smoothly. Rely on our high-standard laser cutter and find the desired cuts of carbon fiber materials.
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Types of carbon fiber cut
with the laser cutter

  • Polyacrylonitrile-based 
  • Viscose-based
  • Pitch-based
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Uses of carbon fiber laser cutters in industries

Lightweight and durable carbon fiber has a range of applications in different industries. Moreover, this material is known for high tensile strength, high stiffness, chemical resistance, and temperature tolerance. Manufacturers and engineers like to use laser cutters to cut carbon fibers, as this technology ensures good cutting precision and high cutting speed.
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  • Aerospace
  • Automobile
  • Sports
  • Medical

How have we made our carbon fiber laser cutters popular?

We have designed our CNC carbon fiber laser cutter in a systematic way. Moreover, our engineers will consult you to customize the machine. You will find every feature you desire in a laser cutting system. We have set a reasonable charge for our carbon fiber laser cutting systems. Our high-performance machine ensures user-friendly installation. Also, you will find a longer life and a stronger construction of our laser cutter.
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Advantages of
Laser Cut Carbon Fiber
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Carbon fiber laser cutting machine
We have designed our carbon fiber laser cutter with a number of functional parts

• Cooling system
• Beam delivery parts
• Gas cylinders
• Dresser
• Laser source
• Machine table
• Control system
• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Laser cutting head
• Dust removing system
• Non-contact cutting
You can replace your knife with a powerful laser beam. As our laser cutter's head does not contact the carbon fiber, you will find no wear and tear.
• High precision
The laser cutter provides an accurate, almost no burrs and no need for subsequent processing. This greatly reduces processing costs.
• Automatic processing
Controlled by advanced software, the laser cutter helps you with accurate positioning, automatic typesetting, and good processing precision.
• Multiple applications
Our carbon fiber laser cutting machine can cut non-metallic and metallic materials like paper and leather.

Our carbon fiber laser cutting machine works innovatively to give you the best output. It relies on a thermal mechanism that is effective to pass the laser beam through the carbon fiber. The high-pressure gas helps in cutting the material.
The accuracy level is about ±0.004", while the repeatability index is ±0.002 (0.05mm). You will find tight tolerance and perfect cuts with our laser cutters.
Our carbon fiber laser cutting systems are highly accurate, and the tolerance level can be up to ±0.001".
The thickness of the carbon fiber sheet and the power of the laser beam can make a difference. Still, the standard speed for cutting carbon fiber is 8.3 m/s.
In the case of the CO2 lasers, the material needs to absorb the heat to ensure a proper cut. But, the difference between CO2 and fiber lasers is the laser beam’s wavelength. It is 10,600 nm for CO2 lasers. But, with fiber lasers, it is 1,060 nm.
You can choose either fiber laser or CO2 laser to cut carbon fiber. However, some are hybrid models with 1.06 micron fiber laser wavelength and 10.6-micron CO2 laser wavelength.
CypCut’s control system is the best-standard solution for our laser cutter buyers. We also enable you to use modules like Nest, CAD, and CAM. Moreover, production schedule management and capacitor are some advantageous features of the system.
The high-density laser beam coming out of the machine is highly powerful. You need a 100W CO2 laser cutter to cut carbon fibers of 5-20 mm in thickness.
The standard thickness of the carbon fiber sheet is 3mm. However, you can cut a non-metallic sheet of 20mm with a laser.
Check the carbon fiber thickness and type to get the best quality result from the process.
Our laser cutting machine can cut staple and filament carbon fiber. Moreover, carbon fibers are available in different grades, and you can cut them with our laser cutter.
Thanks to our advanced laser cutter, there is no additional treatment needed after cutting the carbon fiber with our machine.
You can surely cut other materials with our carbon fiber laser cutting system. From acrylic to wood and glass, everything can be cut with the machine.
Today, the laser is the best option for cutting different materials, including carbon fibers. You will find high efficiency and the fastest speed with the laser.
As a laser cutter user, your budget needs to be US$6,000 to US$300,000. However, our machines are available at an affordable rate.
You have to pay 60USD per hour for running the carbon fiber laser cutter. But, the power consumption cost can be different for every user.
You have to focus on some important factors while cutting a carbon fiber with a laser cutter

o Laser focus position- It has to target the small spot to melt the cutting seam.
o Adjust the cutting speed to ensure a small heat-affected zone.
o You need the right amount of laser cutting power.
Our carbon fiber laser cutting machine has a dimension of 3m x 4m. So, it will not consume much space of your workshop.
Yes. The live demo option is available for you. You will learn how our carbon fiber laser cutters work.
Buying a carbon fiber laser cutter is not easy. The most important things for every buyer are power level, type of laser, and speed.
Our professionals can provide you with comprehensive training on how to operate the machine safely. Thus, after making a deal with us, you can contact our trainers to get free safety training.
We know that you may have technical issues, as you are a first-time user. But, for any minor and major problems, you can rely on our onsite and remote help.
We have the best technical specialists who are dedicated to helping our clients in different countries.
Our carbon fiber laser cutters do not need high maintenance. Thus, you can keep on using the machine without any concern.
Our carbon fiber laser cutter is made of quality components. Several users of our machines have claimed that they have used our laser cutting machines for 10 years without any issue.

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