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granite laser engraver
At ALLWINMAC, we provide you with a premier laser engraving tool to engrave granite stones.

Our granite laser engraving machine is a custom-designed solution available with a range of features. You can easily operate the machine without special skills. Our high-performance and long-lasting laser engravers also work for other materials. Thus, you can engrave customized designs on granite and other surfaces. You will find limitless potential in our laser engravers. So, invest in these innovative machines and obtain the optimal value from them.
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Types of granite that you can engrave with laser technology

  • Entry-level granite
  • High-grade granite
  • Mid-grade granite
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Applications of granite laser engraving machines

Granite is one of the common stones used for manufacturing different products. You can engrave this stone to ensure permanent markings and customizations. To make your engraving process easier, you can rely on our laser engraving machines. You will save time and effort by using the machine regularly.
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  • Granite tiles
  • Gravestones
  • Tombstones
  • Family memorials
  • Countertops
  • Garden stepping stones

Why are our granite laser engravers highly popular?

We have created a patented design for laser engraving machines. Moreover, you will find multiple configuration options in the laser engraver for granite. It is also easy to learn and operate our granite laser engraving machines. We can customize our machine to your needs.
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Advantages of Laser Engraved Granite
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Granite laser engraving machine
The granite laser engraver consists of components, including

• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Dust remover
• Cooling system
• Control system
• Laser source
• Machine table
• Laser source
• Beam delivery components
• Laser engraving head
• Gas cylinders
• Dresser
Our granite laser engraving machines provide you with some proven benefits.

Cost-efficiency, quality, and accuracy-Using our laser technology, you will find zero wasted materials and no errors. Our machines provide perfect engravings on the granite surface.

Environmentally friendly –There is no risk of causing an adverse effect on the environment while using our laser engraving machine for granite.

Versatility- Use our granite laser engravers for engraving different materials.
While engraving granite with a laser, the surface of the stone is removed. It results in high detail, high resolution, and high-quality artwork.

A rough and matt part is left, and thus, it causes a transformation in color. The engraved part is weatherproof, permanent, and frost-resistant.
Using our Allwinmac's granite laser engraver, you will find a path deflection of less than 0.03mm.
The granite engraving speed can range from 350mm/s to 2,000mm/s. However, it can vary with the amount of laser and the thickness of the material.
We have found the major difference in the laser power and wavelength. The fiber laser beam is available with a smaller wavelength. You can use it for engraving tougher stones and other similar materials.
Stones like granite can be engraved with a 10.6-micron CO2 laser. However, you may also use a fiber laser to create engraved patterns on the granite surface.
CypCut's control system is the most reliable option for laser engraving machine users. It also uses CAM and CAD modules that integrate automatic drawing optimization, production schedule management, and other useful technologies.
You need a minimum of 50W laser power for granite stone engraving purposes.
You can engrave 5 to 10 mm granite stones using laser engraving machines.
The important factors that make a difference in the quality of output are the type and thickness of granite.
You can engrave both medium-grade and high-grade granite stones with the laser engraver.
We have used the latest technology to design our laser engraving machine. A secondary finishing is not needed for the material.
Yes. You can use our granite laser engraving machine for other materials. But, make sure that you have adjusted the laser power.
You can choose lasers as the perfect solution for your granite engraving projects. You do not need a high investment in the laser engraving process.
You need US$6,000 to US$300,000 to buy our laser engraver for granite.
The standard cost of operating our granite laser engraver is about $4 per hour.
You need to choose a polished granite object to start the engraving process. Select the design that you like to engrave on the granite stone. Your granite stone’s size needs to be suitable for the chosen design. Set the right laser speed to deal with the granite engraving process.

Our professionals will help you in choosing the right accessories for your laser engraver. Moreover, you may rely on us to get the best installation guide.
Our engineers at Allwinmac have designed machines of varying sizes. The size of the laser engraving machine is about 3m x 4m. We will give you tips for buying a laser engraver of a perfect size.
Some of our clients do not know how to operate the laser engraver for granite. They can request us to show a live demo of the machine. We are glad to help them in every way.
To buy a laser engraver, you have to check different parts like

• The laser resonator
• The cutting and engraving head
• The laser power

We also provide you with after-sales services to remove your concerns.
Yes. Safety training is available at Allwinmac to help new users. You must wear protective gear while using the granite laser engraver. However, we will provide you with some other safety tips.
Yes, our team is ready to provide you with help to solve technical problems. Our technicians will also help you on-site and remotely.
Our company has trained technicians to reach your venue and solve technical issues.
We have used the best technologies to manufacture our granite laser engraving machines. They do not need high maintenance to continue smooth operations.
We have a collection of premium-quality granite laser engraving machines. The service life of our laser engraver is more than 10 years. Thus, you will get the optimal value from our machines.

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