Technologically advanced wood laser engravers

Wood laser engraving machine
A laser engraver has become a machine of choice. At ALLWINMAC, we have designed the best laser engraving machine for wood.

Our wood laser engraver has the most useful parts and functionalities to deliver you the desired value. You will get something more than you have anticipated. Our engineers have created high-value laser engraving machines. Your engraving project will be successful with this machine. You can place an order for custom machines from ALLWINMAC.
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Types of wood engraved with laser engraving machine

  • Cherry
  • Alder
  • Hard maple
  • Balsa 
  • Basswood
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What you can make with
a wood laser engraver?


Industries that use a laser engraving machine 
for wood

Wood is one of the commonly chosen materials for manufacturing different products. Using laser engraving techniques, you can add style to the product design. Moreover, the laser has made it easy to engrave wood precisely. You may engrave wood of any type and thickness.
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  • Trophy
  • Artistic items
  • Toys
  • Furniture 
  • Crafts
  • Decoration

Why has our wood laser engraver gained popularity?

Using our custom-designed laser engraver, you can easily engrave wood of different types. It is a versatile machine that you can use for several purposes. Furthermore, we enable you to add unique accessories to the machine to make it more functional.
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Laser Engraved Wood
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Wood laser engraving machine
The wood laser engraving machine, designed by our team, comprises a number of components.

• Air cooled filter
• Gas cylinder
• Beam delivery parts
• Laser source
• Machine table
• Control system
• Laser engraving head
• Cooling system
• Dust remover
• Dresser
You will find more than one benefit of using the laser wood engraving machine.

Contactless solution- As the machine does not directly contact your wood, you will find no mechanical friction.
Speed- Within the shortest time, you can engrave several wood pieces. So, your team will become more efficient.
Consistency- You will have uniform results from your laser engraving process for wood.
Environment friendliness- Using minimal energy, you may engrave any type of wood.
The way how our wood laser engraving machine work is not complicated. The laser heat vaporizes the target part of the material to make permanent engravings. Thus, the beam works like a chisel that incises marks with the removal of layers from the wood surface. The laser hits the targetparts with a high level of energy to produce the heat needed for vaporization.
Using the laser engraving machines, tolerances can be up to ±0.001".
The average speed of a laser engraver can be about 4.3 m/s. But, the power of your laser beam is also a relevant factor when deciding on the speed for engraving wood.
The laser power and laser wavelength are major factors that make a difference. The fiber has a smaller wavelength, and you can choose it for harder materials.
You can use CO2 laser engraving machines to engrave any soft materials like wood. The powerful fiber laser engraver is efficient at dealing with harder materials.
TheCypCut's control system is the best option available for a wood laser engraver. The system integrates CAM, CAD, and Nest modules with a compatible capacitor, automatic drawing optimization, and production schedule management.
You can use 45W to 90W lasers to engrave a piece of wood.
You can deal with ¼ “ to ½” thick wood using your laser engraving machine. But, it is essential to adjust the laser power to engrave the chosen wood pieces.
The materials’ thickness and the type of wood are the major factors that can affect the quality of the engraved output.
You can use a laser engraver for any type of wood, including MDF, bamboo, alder, maple, birch ply, and walnut.
You will find highly precise results from using the wood laser engraving machine. You do not need any additional treatment to get the finished product.
Yes. We have a versatile laser engraver for wood. But, you can use it for other materials by adjusting the laser power.
Laser is the most commonly chosen technology for engraving wood. The process of laser engraving for wood is accurate and fast.
The cost of wood laser engraving machines is around US$6,000 to US$300,000.
You need to invest about $6 to $10 per hour.
Our laser wood engraver is a user-friendly machine. You do not need to go through a long training to learn about it.However, it is important to install our wood laser engraver properly to ensure the best result. Our team will also provide you with a range of accessories to increase the functional value of the laser engraver. You will find the highest quality engravings while using our laser engraving machine.
Our engineers have designed laser wood engravers of different sizes. At Allwinmac, our small engraving machines have a dimension of around 3m x 4m. Calculate the amount of space available in your own workshop.
We have a team to respond to your request for a live demo of the machine. You can contact our professionals and let us clarify to you how our laser engraver for woodworks.
You must be careful about choosing the type of laser you need for your project. Moreover, you can check the product and service quality while buying the laser engraver for wood.
Yes. Our technicians will train you on how to operate the laser engraving machine for wood and other materials. At Allwinmac, we know that training enables you to use the machine properly. It takes half a day to train you properly.
Our professionals are proud of providing on-time solutions to clients. We will try to solve minor problems remotely. However, for major issues, we need to go to your site.
We have a team of trained professionals to provide you with a technical solution. We make our service available to every country where we sell our machines.
We have high-quality machines manufactured with advanced technology. Our machines work smoothly without regular maintenance.
We provide you with custom-designed wood laser engraving machines that have worked for more than 10 years. That is why we have received several compliments from our clients.

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