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Choose our stone laser cutting machine and make your everyday tasks easier.

You will get an industry-standard stone laser cutter for your project. We have designed the machine with every feature you desire. Also, our engineers have implemented the latest technology in manufacturing the cutter. We ensure a long-lasting machine that performs uninterrupted for cutting stones. So, buy our CNC stone laser cutter and get the best solution.
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Types of stones cut with
laser Cutting Machine

  • Granite
  • Basalt
  • Marbles
  • Pebble stones
  • Slate
  • Natural stone
  • Corian
  • Ceramic
  • Diamond
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a stone laser cutter?


Uses of stone laser cutters
in industries

Stone constructions are highly durable, and that’s why several industries like to use stones of different types to design a structure. However, to make the stone cutting project easy, they invest in laser cutters. The advanced laser cutting machines streamline the cutting process. Check the list of industries that need a stone cutter.
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  • Dams
  • Roofs
  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Pavement
  • Wells
  • Fireproof constructions
  • Flooring

How have we made
our stone laser 
cutters popular?

We are ready to provide you with the most cost-effective and feature-rich laser cutting systems. You will find a faster and more efficient solution with our stone laser cutting machine. Some parts of our cutters are tailored to your needs. Consult our team and let us know the type of stone laser cutter you need.
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Stone laser Cutting
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Stone laser cutting machine
We have designed the best stone laser cutter integrated with multiple components-

• Machine table
• Gas cylinders
• Laser source
• Dresser
• Control system
• Laser cutting head
• Beam delivery parts
• Cooling system
• Dust removing system
• Air-cooled dryer filter
Our laser cutting machines for stones are advantageous for several reasons-

• Our high-quality stone laser cutter never causes adverse effects on the environment.
• Run by the CAD programs, this laser cutting system gives you a consistent and precise output.
• Our laser cutter works fast, and thus, you will save time on every project.
• You can use the stone laser cutting machine for dealing with other materials, including plastic, fabric, and cardboard.
• There is no need for several finishing touches to the laser cut stones
Our laser cutters are based on a thermal mechanism. They emit a laser beam that passes through a piece of stone. The target part gets molten and comes out of the piece. You can find the application of high-pressure gas in the laser cutting process.
Our stone laser cutter has an accuracy level of up to ±0.001.
We ensure a rapid solution with our stone laser cutting machine. The intensity of the laser beam can make a difference in the overall speed. Still, the speed of a standard laser cutter can be up to 4000 mm/min.
Fiber lasers are smaller compared to CO2 lasers. Moreover, as fiber lasers have high electrical efficiency, they use minimal power. That is why you can save costs on every project. The focal diameter is small in the case of the fiber laser cutter.
As CO2 lasers are capable of cutting thicker materials, you can use them for cutting stones. But, they can consume more power to accomplish the cutting project. To cut materials with a thickness of above 5 mm, you can invest in a laser cutter.
Our company can provide you with CypCut's control system. When you buy the laser cutter from our team, you will get this industry-standard control system. CAD, CAM, and Nest are the best available modules, and you will gain benefit from production schedule management, capacitor, automatically operated drawing optimization system, and light point sensor.
You can use at least a 50W laser to cut stones. However, as stones are of different types, you can find a varying level of hardness.
The laser beam can cut 1/8 of an inch deep on every pass. However, the thickness and hardness of every stone are different. To cut through a granite stone of 10mm thickness, you can use a 3.5 kW CO2 laser cutting system.
Stones are of different types, and their thickness levels have variations. That is why you can focus on these factors to get quality results from using the laser cutter.
Using the laser cutter, you can cut any stones like marble, ceramic tiles, natural stones, and basalt.
Our laser cutter for stone ensures a precise and consistent result. Our clients have reported that they do not need additional treatment to get the desired cut.
Yes. Our stone laser cutting machines are highly effective for cutting plastic, wood, glass, leather, and several other materials.
Yes. Laser is one of the reliable technologies to cut stones. Though you can use waterjet and other methods, laser cutters provide the fastest and safest results.
The CNC stone laser cutter can cost US$6,000 to US$300,000. The price may be different due to the customized parts.
It may be around 60USD per hour. However, the power consumption, maintenance, and consumable parts can make a difference.
Your stone laser cutter will perform best with the right approach.

• Your stone laser cutting system is to be installed properly.
• You must have a thorough understanding of the technology used in the laser cutting machine.
• Solve your problems by interacting with laser cutter manufacturers.
• Your stone laser will work more efficiently with the use of additional accessories.
Our stone laser cutting machine is very small and compact. The dimension is about 3m x 4m, and your workshop can accommodate it.
Yes. You can send an email to show a live demo. Our team will contact you and illustrate how our laser cutter works.
Buying a perfect stone laser cutter is highly important. You must focus on the processed parts, type of laser beam, and amount of power. Our after-sales service standard is very high, and thus, you can rely on our machine.
We give high importance to safety training. When you purchase a laser cutter for your stone cutting purposes, you can undergo this training. You will feel confident as a trained operator.
We have employed a team of technicians to provide you with customer service online. We also provide onsite help and inspect the laser cutter.
Yes. Our technical service providers in different countries can reach your workshop and provide assistance.
You do not need high maintenance effort to keep our laser cutters last long. Our stone laser cutting machines will surely last long.
Our team has carefully crafted the laser cutter with high-quality parts. Our goal is to make the machine long-lasting. Several customers of our company have used the machine for about 10 years. Thus, the service life of our products is much longer.

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