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Do you like to engrave stone pieces for your industrial needs? The engraving process can become easier with our laser engraving machine.

We are proud of our stone laser engraving machine designed with flawless detail. Our dedicated engineers have implemented the best technology in manufacturing the laser engraver. Let us know your needs for the stone laser engraving project. We are ready to customize our stone laser engraver. Our team strives to please you with the best quality machines.
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Types of stones suitable for our laser engraving machine

  • Marble
  • Pebble
  • Slate
  • Basalt
  • Granite
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Industries that use laser stone engraving machine

Different options are available for engraving stones. However, several industries have chosen lasers to accomplish the task of engraving hard stones. They have found that laser technology enables them to achieve perfection. Moreover, an engraving machine is also able to cut your stone.
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  • Stone product industry
  • Art and decorations
  • Advertising industry
  • Ceramic industry
  • Stone tablet processing sector

Why choose our stone laser engraver?

We have tried to make our laser engraving machines unique by customizing them based on your needs. You will be able to run the machine efficiently to create different patterns and designs. We have set an affordable price for our stone laser engraver.
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Advantages of Laser Engraved Stones
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Stone laser engraving machine
Our innovatively designed stone laser engraving machines have different components

• Laser source
• Machine table
• Laser source
• Beam delivery components
• Laser engraving head
• Cooling and control systems
• Dust remover
• Dresser
• Gas cylinders
• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Time-saving- As you need to engrave several stone pieces, our high-performing laser engravers can make a difference.
• High perfection- You can make create products with perfect laser engravings and etchings.
• Environmental friendly- Other engraving and cutting processes can emit harmful smoke. On the contrary, laser engravers for stone do not cause this problem, so your team will be safe.
• Consistency – Due to the advanced programs, the process of engraving stones is programmable.
During the engraving process, the laser generates intense heat that causes a part of your material to vaporize. With every pulse, the material becomes vapor. It makes a cavity that you can touch and feel. Several passes are needed to make deeper marks.
The accuracy level of our stone laser engraving machine is ±0.001".
The standard speed rate can vary with the power of your laser. You can use 30% speed for 60W laser power. Similarly, 15% speed is best for less than 60W power.
The fiber laser beam is more readily absorbed, and it does not get reflected back. The operating cost is lower than the CO2 laser beam. Moreover, the wavelength of fiber lasers is much smaller.
You can rely on high powerful fiber laser beams to engrave stones.
To use your stone laser engraver more efficiently, you can pair it with CypCut's control system. CAM, CAD, and Nest modules are available with different features like production schedule manager and compatible capacitor.
You need at least 50W power for engraving stones with lasers.
You can apply the laser engraving process for stones of any thickness level. However, the depth of the engraved part can be up to 0.005 inches.
The amount of laser power, the type of laser beam, and some other factors can affect the result of your engraving process.
Laser engraving is perfect for granite, natural stone, marble, basalt, slate, and stone slab.
No. You do not need to apply any secondary treatment over the stone piece engraved with lasers. Our customers have sent positive feedback about it.
You can easily engrave other materials with our stone laser engraving machine. But, you must focus on the laser power to provide the output.
Lasers have become one of the most effective ways to engrave stones and other materials. You will get the most accurate and fastest solution.
The standard cost of our stone laser engraver starts from US$6,000. The power level and customizations are major factors influencing the cost.
The average per hour cost for running the laser engraving machine is $11 to $20.
Your first step is to choose the image that you like to engrave on your stone using the laser engraver. Moreover, you have to decide on the software application to be used for the laser engraving project. Other important things are proper installation and setup of the laser engraver for stone. You may also buy additional accessories from our store.
At Allwinmac, our engineers have designed laser engravers of different models and sizes. Our custom-designed laser engravers are available in a size that is easy to accommodate in your workshop.
Yes, you can contact our professionals to have a live demo of our stone laser engraving machine. We will clarify to you how our machine works.
You have to check for some important things before buying the stone laser engraving machine. For instance, you must learn about the type of laser beam emitted by the machine. Moreover, the laser power and compatible software are other relevant factors for buyers of stone engravers.
At Allwinmac, we think that it is highly important to run the laser engraver for stones. You can undergo training with the assistance of our professionals. We will provide you with safety tips during this training program. Moreover, we will instruct you on the way to operate the machine.
Our team is efficient at providing you with a timely solution. Our trained technicians can serve you remotely to solve your problems. But, in some cases, we may need to visit your site to inspect the machine.
At Allwinmac, we have a skillful and dedicated team to provide technical service to our customers.
No. We have used the best technology and high-grade components to design our stone laser engraver. That is why this machine does not need much maintenance.
Allwinmac has a long-lasting stone laser engraving machine that serves you best. Our loyal customers said they had been using the machine for more than 10 years.

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