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The fitness industry has seen rapid growth in recent years. In fact, fitness equipment manufacturers are competing with each other to take advantage of the growing market. So, they have invested in laser technologies to increase productivity and decrease business operation costs. We have designed the best quality fitness equipment metal laser cutting machine. Our innovative machine will ensure product market competitiveness and better product quality.
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Why is laser cutting much popular in the fitness equipment industry?

Laser cutters provide you with accurate results and a faster solution. Moreover, there is no need to have special skills to operate the laser cutting machines. Low energy consumption is another reason for choosing laser cutting and engraving machines. Our laser cutting machines do not need high maintenance, and you can save your effort.
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Applications of laser technology in the fitness equipment manufacturing industry

Fitness equipment manufacturers have learned about the advantages of using laser cutters. They can cut sheet metal to create different pieces of gym equipment. Our machines enable them to work on different workpieces to produce quality cuts for their project.
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frequently asked questions

About Laser Cutting Machines
Fitness equipment involves different components connected to each other. Manufacturers need to cut pipes and drill holes in them. The conventional processing tools include a special milling machine and a drilling machine. It does not always ensure good aesthetics due to the accuracy issue. Moreover, it is time-consuming, and labor costs become high.

Fitness equipment metal laser cutting machine helps you in cutting different shapes of pipes like square pipes, round pipes, elliptical piles, D-shaped pipes, and bread pipes. This machine also ensures high efficiency, precision, and a short production cycle. That is why you can take advantage of the automatic processing technology by implementing the laser cutter. In the fitness equipment manufacturing industry, the laser cutter has become a standard choice.

Moreover, the fiber laser cutter ensures higher output per unit time. It also has high durability and stability. Your workers will save the labor as the robotic system will manage the process.
Heat refers to the motion of different molecular and atomic particles. But, the laser beam is made of photons, and thus, it does not have much temperature. These photons help in transferring energy to the material’s molecular structure. That is why the material gets heated up. While the laser energy is high and works for a longer period, the temperature vaporizes the substance. While some materials melt at 140°C, others melt at 230°C. The laser power also makes a difference in temperature.
The high-power laser, directed through a CNC machine, guides the beam. The process relies on the motion control unit to follow the pattern to be cut.

The focused beam from the laser cutter results in the burning, melting, and vaporization of the target part of the material. It will turn out a smooth surface finished edge. The electrical discharges inside a container help in creating the laser beam. You need to focus the light on the work surface, and the fiber optics passes the laser beam through the lens.
There are several parameters directly affecting the laser cutter's performance. The major performance parameters are

• Air pressure
The auxiliary air pressure plays a role in blowing off the slag. It also causes the heat-affected zone to cool down. The gas includes compressed air, inert gas, oxygen, and nitrogen. For metals, inert gas is used to prevent the burning risks of the material. While air pressure is high, currents will turn up on the material surface. It causes a part of the material to get weakened. It removes the melted part and makes the cutting gap wider. But, in case of the low air pressure, the melted part would not be blown away.

• Laser power
The laser power size affects the cutting speed, quality, width, and thickness. The amount of power can vary with the cutting mechanism and material.

For instance, materials that have a high melting point, high reflectivity, and good thermal conductivity need intense laser power. The increase and decrease in power will result in overheating and slag hanging. Ultimately, you will find the best processing quality. With the increased discharge voltage, there is a higher laser intensity. Thus, the spot diameter also becomes bigger.

• Cutting speed
The quality of every cut can vary with laser cutting speed. The perfect speed ensures a stable line. No slag will be present at the bottom. When the laser power and gas pressure are stable, you will not find a non-linear inverse connection between the slit width and cutting speed. By raising the speed, the laser energy has a shorter action time.
The focus position refers to the workpiece’s surface and the source of the laser. It can affect the width and slope of the slit. The higher focus position increases the heat absorption by the workpiece’s lower end. The focus position must be on the workpiece surface or a bit lower. However, requirements are different for this material. While cutting carbon steel, you will find better carbon quality by having the focus on the plate’s surface.
While buying the machine, you have to focus on a few questions

• What is the purpose of using the laser cutter?
• What metals do you like to cut with your laser cutter?
• What is the standard size of the material that is to be processed?

You can contact our professionals to identify the right machine for laser cutting projects.
There are 2 potential reasons behind it. For instance, you have not maintained the right level of the bed. The bed should be at the height of your focal point. Moreover, the misaligned mirror can prevent the beam from being centered. Thus, you must focus on these factors to avoid these issues.
No. There should be a consistent power output across the work area. In case you have found any inconsistency, it is a sign of mirror alignment problems.

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