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Choose our stone laser cutting machine and make your everyday tasks easier.

You will get an industry-standard stone laser cutter for your project. We have designed the machine with every feature you desire. Also, our engineers have implemented the latest technology in manufacturing the cutter. We ensure a long-lasting machine that performs uninterrupted for cutting stones. So, buy our CNC stone laser cutter and get the best solution.
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Fabrics cut with the
laser Cutting Machine

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Felt
  • Leather
  • Polyester
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Applications of fabric laser
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different industries

Heavy manufacturing industries need to deal with fabric laser cutters regularly. However, today, several artists and designers also like to rely on these cutting machines. The innovative cutters are effective for both non-metals and metals. Check the list of industries that use a laser cutter for fabric cutting projects.
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  • Steel
  • Automobile
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Furniture
  • Architecture

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We have maintained the best industry-standard while designing our fabric laser cutters. Moreover, we set our technical parameters before manufacturing every laser cutting machine. However, our team is ready to customize the cutter to your needs. So, you will find no issue with our laser cutter.
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Fabric laser Cutting
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Fabric laser cutting machine
The CNC fabric laser cutter includes different components

• Gas cylinders
• Machine table
• Laser source
• Laser cutting head
• Cooling system
• Beam delivery components
• Control system
• Dresser
• Dust remover
• Air-cooled dryer filter
You will find a range of advantages of investing in our fabric laser cutting machines.

• Run with CAD programs, our laser cutter for fabric cutting projects maintains consistency.
• The laser cutter is an environment-friendly system that needs less energy.
• Another advantageous thing is the fast cutting potential
• Our laser cutting system is adjustable to cut any materials like fabric, wood, plastic, and glass.
• Finally, the laser cutter saves time, as you do not need several finishing processes.
When you start cutting the fabric with your laser cutter, a laser beam plays the major role. It helps in taking the molten part of the cut. The laser cutting involves the use of high-pressure nitrogen gas.
We have noticed that the tolerance level will be up to ±0.001.
Our laser cutter is a high-speed system, and the intensity of laser power can affect the speed. In case of a 500W laser cutter, the highest cutting speed is about 0.4m/min. To have a higher cutting speed, you can buy a 1000W fabric laser cutting machine. The laser cutting speed is related to the power.
The major difference lies in the power and laser wavelength. Using the smaller laser wavelength of the machine, you can cut different materials. Although the power consumption level is low, you will find a high efficiency of the laser cutter.
Although there are different types of lasers, you can use the CO2 laser for fabric cutting projects. This laser cutting machine reflects infrared rays. The long-wavelength and intense heat play a role in cutting the fabric.

CO2 lasers are best for fabrics, as they are easily adjustable. Moreover, they do not consume much power for the operation.
Your laser cutter can be paired with CypCut's control system, one of the reliable options in the laser cutting industry. There are also CAM, CAD, and Nest modules providing you with several advantages- graphic cutting system, compatible capacitor, production schedule management, light point sensing, and automatic drawing optimization.
For your fabric laser cutting project, you need 3500w and 4000w. You may also use a 6000w laser cutter.
The laser cutter can cut fabric of almost any thickness. However, you can avoid using the cutter for PVC and foam.
You can type of fabric and its thickness are the most important factors to affect the quality of the output.
Fabric laser cutting machines are capable of cutting any fabrics like cotton, synthetic felt, silk, leather, and the man-made fabric, polyester.
As our laser cutter for fabric provides you with a highly precise result, you do not need to apply an additional treatment. It is one of the advantages of using our laser cutter.
Yes. You can surely use our fabric laser cutting system for other materials. You need no replacement of materials.
We think that laser technology is the most effective choice for fabrics. It is the fastest cutting process and maintains a high level of accuracy.
You may contact us to get the estimate. Still, the price can range from US$6,000 to US$300,000. It can vary with the power and configuration level.
It costs $11 to $20 per hour to operate a laser cutter.
To make the best use of fabric laser cutters, you have to go through some steps.

• Make sure that you have properly installed your fabric laser cutting machine.
• Rely on the latest technology to be more productive.
• You can contact laser cutter manufacturers to understand innovative cutting technology.
• The cutting standard must be high.
You need to buy the most useful accessories to increase the efficiency level.
Our team has designed laser cutting machines of different sizes. The dimension of the smallest one is 3m x 4m. You have to purchase the right one for your industrial needs. Measure the space available in your workshop.
As a new user, you may not be confident about using the fabric laser cutting machine. You can connect with our team for a live demonstration.
You have to focus on a few things to buy the fabric laser cutting machine.

• The laser power level
• The type of laser
• Processed parts and their sizes
• After-sales service standard
You will surely have the opportunity to learn the safety rules. Our professionals know the importance of training to satisfy every client. After undergoing training, you will be able to run the machine efficiently. It takes a few hours to learn about our machine.
We are proud of our customer assistance standard. You may contact us and get our help on time. You can call us for remote help. But, we are also ready to visit your site.
We have a team of friendly, technical specialists to help our clients present in different countries.
We always stick to the highest manufacturing standard for every fabric laser cutter. Our cutting machines do not need regular maintenance. Thus, you will save effort, as you can avoid maintaining different parts.
Our engineers have tried their best to design the fabric laser cutters. You will find no issue with the service life of our machines. Our customers have been using our products for more than 10 years. They have not found any performance problems in the laser cutter.

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