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As you need to work on glass materials, you can buy our glass cutting laser.

We have integrated different features into our laser cutters. Our company has applied the most innovative technologies to design the glass laser cutter. Our aim is to provide you with a highly efficient design. Our team strives to build your machines with a flawless design and functional features.
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  • Borosilicate or lead
  • Aluminosilicate
  • Stained glass
  • Fused silica
  • 96% silica
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Nowadays, several industries rely on laser cutters for glass cutting projects. In fact, our laser-based glass cutters are better than other standard cutting machines. We are ready to customize your machine to your needs. You will find speed and accuracy in our glass laser cutter.
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  • Tableware
  • Housing and building
  • Medical technology
  • Automotive & transport
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Interior design

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laser cutters 

Designed with patented technology, our CNC glass laser cutter is capable of cutting glasses flawlessly. Our cutting machine does not cause much stress on the glass materials. Also, there is no risk of cracks and chips. You will find zero yield loss with the laser-based glass cutter.
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Glass laser Cutting
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Glass laser cutting machine
In total, there are 10 parts in a glass laser cutter-

• Laser cutting head
• Machine table
• Dresser
• Laser source
• Beam delivery parts
• Cooling system
• Control system
• Gas cylinders
• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Dust removal system
• Non-contact cutting- The advanced laser cutting process will not crack the glass surface, and you will not find debris on edge.
• Find a high precision with laser cut glass- Our CNC glass laser cutter has an automated system that prevents errors. The laser beam has the potential to focus on a very small spot. The control system has a preset path through which the laser beam will move. When you need to manufacture a bulk pack of glass products, you will find the best quality.
• The laser cut glass has a narrow cutting slit. The glass product has minimal deformation. Besides, the best laser cutting parameters ensure a small thermal affected part.
• The level of automation of the laser cut glass is adaptable. The machine has unlimited capabilities of cutting profiles. The automatic cutting method is also effective for different types of glass materials.
When you turn on your laser cutter, a laser beam will efficiently melt the glass. It will cause the molten part to blow out of the cut with pressurized nitrogen gas. It will make a perfect cut.
On average, the tolerance level is ±0.001 while using the laser cutter.
Laser power plays an important role in making a difference in the glass laser cutting speed. However, on average, the cutting speed rate is around 8m per minute. However, while using a 1000w laser cutter, it may be about 17m per minute.
CO2 lasers turn sharp edge quality on hard surfaces, including metals and non-metals. Besides, you can apply for materials with a thickness of less than 3/8 inches. To create acute angles, you can choose CO2 lasers. In the case of a fiber laser cutter, you need to rely on the fiber optic delivery process. It transports the amplified and intense light source to the laser machine's head. You can use fiber lasers for both cutting and engravings.
While cutting glass materials using your CO2 laser cutter, you can choose glass substrates with a thickness of 0.0012-0.0236 inches. Mirror glass may also be laser processed by removing the reflective back layer.
Our team helps you in merging CypCut's control system with your machine. This industry-standard control system integrates Nest, CAM, and CAD modules. You can also optimize automatic drawing, set up graphic cutting technology, and manage production schedules.
You can use a 40-watt CO₂ laser to cut glass materials.
Our laser cutting machines are capable of cutting glass materials of different levels of thickness. Moreover, you do not need to be concerned about the shape of the glass. The machines are adaptable and provide accurate outcomes. Still, glass substrates cut with lasers have a thickness of 0.0012 inch to 0.0236 inch.
You need to identify the material type and thickness level to identify the quality standards.
The float glass procedure is the commonly chosen method for obtaining 90% of glass. The process is effective for producing a soda-lime glass. The floating molten glass combines with liquid metal. The most popular types of glass are glass with silica and borosilicate. But special glass types get heated and cooled to ensure a safer solution. It is better to choose soda-lime float glass for consumer-level projects.

Some other categories of glass may need preparation. They have an engineered design for heat resistance, and thus, the melting temperature is very high.
Due to the high accuracy of the CNC glass laser cutting machine, you may not need secondary finishing. We have received positive feedback from our clients.
Yes. You can surely use cutter other materials with the laser cutter for glass. You do not need to buy new parts and adjust any component for this purpose.
Yes, lasers are highly effective for your glass cutting projects. You will get the fastest output with the laser cutter. Moreover, you may buy our machine at a lower price.
The cost of glass laser cutters is about US$6,000 to US$300,000. But, the power level and settings can make a difference.
The cost of running a metal laser cutting machine can be around 67USD per hour.
Let us assume that you have chosen a soda-lime float glass. However, this material has different properties, and the most important one of them is thickness. The thicker glass is not easy to cut. You have to make multiple passes to cut the piece. In some cases, you need to adjust the laser focus to achieve the result.

Precision is another relevant factor for glass cutting projects. While making a number of passes, you may not find the perfect cut dimensions. Generally, you will need 2 to 3 passes for the cut. It will reduce the amount of waste and discrepancies. However, a highly efficient machine may do not work in a single pass.

You can consult our professionals to learn about the potential of our cutter.

The final issue is about breaking and damaging the glass. Multiple passes will cause a thermal effect. That is why your glass can break when it cools down. You may test the cutting machine and analyze its features to avoid any problem.
We have machines of varying sizes, and the standard ones are 3m x 4m. Make sure that the space can accommodate your machines.
When you have confusion, you can contact our team for a live demo.
The laser type, power of the machine, processed parts, and our service quality are the major factors for buyers.
Yes, our team can provide you with training to let you know the way of operating the glass laser cutting system.
You can contact us without any delay. We will try to solve it shortly.
Yes, technical specialists are available to help our customers in different countries.
Due to our high-quality manufacturing technology and reliable process, our CNC glass laser cutters do not need regular maintenance.
Our glass laser cutters have a long lifespan, and according to some customers, they have worked smoothly for more than 10 years.

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