Industry-standard stainless steel laser cutting machines

Stainless steel laser cutter
Cutting a stainless steel sheet has become easy with our laser cutting machines. Use our stainless steel laser cutter and save time.

You will find no compromise over quality while using our stainless steel laser cutter. We have a team of the best engineers to design the laser cutter for stainless steel. Also, you will find the optimal performance of our CNC stainless steel laser cutter. Moreover, we have set the most reasonable price for our laser cutting machines. You may buy our products within your budget.
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Types of stainless steel cut with our laser cutter

  • Austenitic
  • Ferritic
  • Martensitic
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Industries where stainless steel laser cutting machines are used

Stainless steel is a non-corrosive substance used for a range of manufacturing projects. You may need to deal with stainless steel sheets and tubes of different thicknesses. However, to make this task easier, you can invest in our stainless steel laser cutting machines. You can take advantage of the speed and accuracy of our advanced cutters. Our laser cutting systems are useful for several industrial projects.
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  • Food processing equipment
  • Kitchenware
  • Railings
  • Bottles

Why are our stainless steel laser cutters highly popular?

Laser technology is highly affordable, and thus, manufacturing businesses of any size can rely on it. Moreover, we have tried to make our CNC stainless steel laser cutters different from other machines. You can also request us to customize the machine for your needs.
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Stainless steel laser cutting machine
Our stainless steel laser cutters are made of some components like

• Laser source
• Machine table
• Gas cylinder
• Beam delivery parts
• Dresser
• Laser cutting head
• Control system
• Dust removal system
• Cooling system
• Air-cooled dryer filter
Our stainless steel laser cutting machines

• Cleaner edges and no warping issues- The laser cutting process generates heat that affects a very small part.
• No maintenance- It is another reason for using laser technology for your regular stainless steel cutting projects.
• You can maintain precision while cutting your stainless steel
• The laser cutter also helps in retaining consistency in the laser-cut stainless steel.
• Within the shortest time, you can accomplish your metal cutting project.
It is easy to understand the laser cutting mechanism. The laser beam coming out of the machine melts the stainless steel. It is effective at blowing the molten part out of the cut. The machine applies nitrogen gas under high pressure to make the cut.
The tolerances level for cutting the stainless steel is about ±0.001". The repeated positioning accuracy is about 0.02mm.
The cutting speed is dependent on the sheet thickness and the laser power. Cutting speed will increase as sheet thickness decreases and as laser power increases.

The thickness of your stainless steel sheet and the laser power can make a difference in the cutting speed. However, the cutting speed can be increased to 72mm/min to cut a stainless steel sheet of 60mm in thickness. The laser power can be around 6KW.
The difference between the two is the difference in laser wavelength and power. The smaller wavelength of the fiber metal laser machine means it is more suitable for cutting metals, and the laser has low power consumption and high efficiency in electricity usage.
CO2 lasers are a low-precision solution, while fiber lasers ensure high precision. The electrical efficiency is better in the case of the fiber laser cutter. Moreover, you will enjoy faster cutting speeds with this laser cutter.
Our team will help you in pairing the laser cutter with the industry-standard CypCut's control system. Our clients have given positive feedback about CAM, CAD, and Nest modules. You can also manage a production schedule and use a compatible capacitor.
Based on the stainless steel sheet’s thickness, you need to decide on the power. You can use a 100W fiber laser cutter to cut stainless steel of 3 to 4 mm in thickness.
With our efficient laser cutter, you can cut stainless steel sheets of around 4mm in thickness. However, you have to choose the right amount of laser power while using the CNC stainless steel cutter.
You will find the best edge quality by adjusting the assist gas pressure, cutting speed, focal point position, and nozzle diameter.
Using the laser cutter, you can cut any high-strength stainless steel of different grades like 304, 420, 434, and 430.
Your laser-cut stainless sheets do not need additional treatment and secondary finishing. Thus, our device will save you time and energy.
The stainless laser cutting machine is a versatile solution. You can cut other materials by adjusting the laser power size.
You can always rely on our stainless steel laser cutting machine for working on the metal. You will get precise and fast results from using our products.
You can contact our team to get the estimate. The standard price rates of our stainless steel laser cutter are US$6,000 to US$300,000.
It may cost 60%~70% of the power used by the machine. On average, the cost can range from $11 to $20 per hour.
You need to learn the right way of operating our laser cutting machine for stainless steel and other metals.

Most importantly, the machine is to be installed properly before operating it. You can contact our engineers to know about the setup.

 Our engineers will also guide you to choose the best accessories to make your machine more functional. Make your laser cutter tailored to your needs.
We have tried to design a compact laser cutter for every client. The average dimension of the laser cutting machine is 3m x 4m.
Yes, we can show a live demo of our laser cutting machine. After making a deal with our company, you can reach us to have this demo.
You must not overlook some important factors before choosing a stainless steel laser cutting machine for instance, the laser power size, processed parts, and after-sales service.
Yes. Our team consists of some trainers to let you know the safety rules for operating the machines. We know the importance of using a laser cutter safely. You can also put on safety gear for protection.
Yes. Our team provides the best assistance to clients who have found a technical breakdown in our laser cutters. We can offer both on-site and remote services for stainless steel laser cutting machines.
Our trained professionals are ready to go to your workshop to help you in using stainless steel laser cutters.
No. Our laser cutting machines do not need much maintenance for regular operation.
According to our loyal clients, the standard service life of our machine is 10 years.

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