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Laser cutting technology has become highly popular in the automotive manufacturing sector. As automotive businesses need higher productivity, they have started relying on laser cutting machines. We have designed the best laser cutters with high-quality parts that need minimal maintenance. Our engineers have built industry-standard machines to ensure success in your laser cutting for the automotive industry. You can take advantage of efficiency and precision while using our laser cutter.
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Why is laser cutting popular in the automotive industry?

Industrial units dealing with automotive parts manufacturing projects maintain positioning accuracy. You will find no risk of burr. Moreover, as laser cutting is a fast process, you will not find a high output.
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Laser applications in the automotive industry

The automotive businesses make the best use of the laser cutter to manufacture different parts. From metals to fabric products, everything can be cut with laser technologies.
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  • Car upholstery fabric
  • Plastic parts
  • Parts near doors 
  • Metal components

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frequently asked questions

About Laser Cutting Machines
Laser cutting for the automotive industry has replaced conventional processes. Manufacturers in the automotive sector appreciate this laser cutting process for consistency and reliability. The automotive sector relies on the high-precision laser cutting for designing

• Automotive carriage parts
Modern automobiles have more complicated and smaller parts. For instance, apertures are designed for antennas. A laser cutter is the best machine to do it efficiently.

• Hydroformed components
These metal parts have 3D shapes and are found in different automobiles. Laser cutting is the ultimate solution to ensure smooth shapes and accurate results.

• Airbags
Laser cutters can deal with not only metal but some other materials also. For instance, they can cut fabrics needed for designing airbags. You may use the normal blade to cut cloth. However, in the case of laser cutting projects, there are no risks of fraying issues.
Precision and accuracy are common with every laser cut. Surely, you need to maintain precision while manufacturing metal products for your automobile manufacturing business. The focused and narrow beam ensures a high level of perfection. You will be able to make cuts with widths of around 0.1mm. But, you must maintain your laser cutter's spare parts to obtain the best result.
Before turning on the machine for your cutting project, you have to check the reflecting mirror to find the presence of dust.

• Check the air compressor’s pressure to ensure that it is at least 8 Mpa.
• Manage the processing output for the perfect cutting order.
• Make sure that the cutting head is at the right height according to the suitable drilling place.
• Metal dregs should be removed regularly.

Moreover, you have to ensure that the wires are not broken and tense.
Laser cutters provide you with some advantages that you will not find with other cutting machines. It consumes minimal power of around 10KW. On the contrary, other conventional methods involve the use of 50Kw of power. Furthermore, the machines operate at a swift and accurate pace. A laser beam inside a box enables you to use the machine safely.
There are several reasons for using the laser cutter for your automotive sector.

• Find the best quality of the parts cut with lasers- With proper positioning, you can take advantage of the non-contact processes. There is no risk of collapsed corners with the use of laser cutters.
• Easy operation and time-saving- Using the laser cutter, your workers can cut several pieces in a day. So, they will become more efficient, and your business with have better output.
• No incorrect cuts- The machine will alarm you when there is any inappropriate cut. So, there is no risk of unqualified output.
A laser cutting machine is capable of producing flawless cuts because of the high-density heat. The light beams of the laser cutter have a wavelength of around 10,000 nm. The metal absorbs the energy, affects the molecular structure, and helps with precision cutting.

The quality of the laser beam quality is measurable by the BPP (beam parameter product). The BPP has CO2 lasers of around 8-9mm. Thus, the BPP and the concentrated heat will ensure a near-perfect cut. For this reason, automotive manufacturing companies like to use laser beams for their daily needs.
Laser cutters reduce costs for the automotive manufacturing industry in several ways. With predictive maintenance of the machine, you can run it for long hours every day. Proper maintenance will also make your laser cutting equipment long-lasting, and you will find the highest output. Needless to say, the optimal output is essential in the automotive manufacturing industry.
Most commonly, laser cutters are used for cutting metals like brass, steel, titanium, copper, tungsten, nickel, and aluminum.
Our laser cutters are more compact than other automotive manufacturing machines. Our aim is to increase the output per plant space. As the laser cutter is highly compact, you can place it anywhere in your workspace. The shape of your workpiece will remain intact. Another reason for choosing the technology is that you will find no thermal deformation issues.
Our laser cutters have a range of parts, including the gas cylinder, cooling dryer, air cleaner, filter, air compressor, and slag discharge system.
Yes. Our laser cutting machines are available with a one-year warranty. You will get technical assistance from our team throughout the year. So, you may use our machines confidently for years.
We have a team of qualified engineers and dedicated customer representatives to solve your complicated issues. We will first try to your machine problems remotely. However, we are also ready to visit your site to resolve them. Our company also provides training to new users to ensure their safety.

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