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We have a team of engineers who use strong knowledge and skills to design cardboard laser cutting machines. Clients from different industries have invested in our custom-designed laser cutters. We try to make our products more innovative and functional by adding the best features to them. Our team strives to maintain quality and value while designing every laser cutter. You will find uncompromising performance and a longer lifespan.
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What type of cardboard
is suitable for laser cutting machine

  • Single corrugated
  • Double corrugated
  • Cellulose
  • Gray compact
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Uses of cardboard laser 
cutters in industries

Some industries buy cardboard laser cutters to make their products. Professionals in the art and craft fields also like to use a reliable cardboard cutter. As laser technology ensures accurate cutting solutions, several professionals use these advanced machines.
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  • Packaging industry
  • Cardboard toys
  • Wedding cards
  • Box
  • Crafts

How our cardboard
laser cutters are 
gaining favour?

We have achieved the best standard as the laser cutter manufacturers. Our team has learned about other laser cutters available in the market. Then, our engineers have put the ultimate effort into creating quality products. Moreover, our CNC cardboard laser cutter is customizable. You will find no problem with our laser cutters.
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Cardboard laser Cutting
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Cardboard laser cutting machine
The industry-standard cardboard laser cutter has multiple components

• Gas cylinders
• Dresser
• Laser source
• Machine table
• Laser cutting head
• Beam delivery components
• Cooling system
• Control system
• Dust remover
• Air-cooled dryer filter
You will find our cardboard laser cutting machines advantageous in several ways

• Our carefully designed cardboard laser cutter does not pollute the environment.
• Operated the reliable CAD programs, our laser cutter for fabric maintains consistency in the output.
• You will enjoy the fastest cutting solution with our laser cutter.
• Our laser cutting machine is adjustable to your needs. You may also cut materials like cardboard, fabric, and plastic.
• You will save time on the laser cutter because the finishing processes are not needed.
Laser cutting refers to a thermal process that emits a focused laser beam. When the beam passes through your cardboard, it helps in taking out the target part. The high-pressure gas plays a role in providing you with the desired outcome.
The tolerance level of the cardboard laser cutter will be up to ±0.001.
Our laser cutting machine is a high-speed solution. The laser power has a high intensity, affecting the speed level. The standard speed can range from 4 to 10mm per second. However, while cutting the cardboard, you can send this speed to 6–25 mm/s.
Laser wavelength and power are the most important factors making a difference. You can use a smaller laser wavelength to cut through cardboards and other materials. Some high-efficiency laser cutters consume low energy.
Lasers used for cutting purposes are of different types. But, CO2 laser is the best choice for cardboard cutting projects. You may cut cardboards using your scissors and knives. However, the laser technology is better for its precision and speed. During the laser-based cardboard cutting process, you must ensure proper ventilation to prevent smoke from interfering with the laser beam.
We encourage our customers to use the CypCut's control system with the laser cutter. The best available modules for this system are CAM, Nest, and CAD. Other advantages with the control systems are compatible capacitors, graphic cutting system, production schedule management, automatic drawing optimization, and light point sensor.
You can use a 10W CO2 laser and choose the low speed rate to cut cardboard.
The laser cutting machine can cut cardboards of up to 0.26 inches in thickness. You can cut through the mat board, corrugated cardboard, and coaster board.
The thickness and type of cardboard are the most relevant factors for every laser cutting machine user. Still, you will find the best output from using the cardboard cutter.
Our laser cutters have the potential to cut coaster boards, corrugated cardboards, and mat boards of different thickness levels.
As our laser cutter for fabric provides you with a highly precise result, you do not need to apply an additional treatment. It is one of the advantages of using our laser cutter.
Our cardboard laser cutting machines are versatile and are useful for cutting other materials like glass and wood.
Laser technology is one of the innovative options for cutting cardboards. You can cut the cards with high accuracy. Moreover, you will save time while using the laser cutter.
We try to provide you with a CNC Cardboard laser cutter at the most reasonable price. You can contact our team and get the estimate. Our laser cutters can cost US$6,000 to US$300,000 based on the customized parts.
You need to pay $11 to $20 per hour to run our laser cutter for cardboard.
To ensure optimal performance of the cardboard laser cutters, you must learn about some steps

• Your card laser cutting machine needs proper installation.
• Know about the technology used in the machine and increase your productivity.
• Communicate with our laser cutter manufacturers to solve your queries
• Use the additional accessories for better efficiency.
• Maintain a high cutting standard
Our professional engineers have designed custom laser cutters of different sizes. Still, the standard dimension can be around 3m x 4m. We will assist you in choosing the most compact laser cutter for your workshop.
Yes. We know that novices feel confused when they use the cardboard laser cutting systems for the first time. Interact with our team and request a live demonstration of the product.
To invest in the cardboard laser cutting machine, you must know about

• Sizes of the processed parts and their sizes
• Laser type and power level
• After-sales service standard
We think that safety is always important while operating our laser cutter. That is why we will provide you with proper training. You can learn the use of the machine safely. Use the cutter efficiently and get the best output.
Our customer service standard is high, and you will get instant online help from our technicians. However, our engineers can also visit your site to inspect the device.
Yes. We have dedicated and skilful technical service providers to help our clients from several countries.
Our laser cutters need minimal maintenance, and thus, you will save time. Our cardboard laser cutting machines are made of high-quality parts that last long.
Our professional engineers have used their knowledge and skills to design industry-standard laser cutters. Our customers have consistently used the laser cutters for over 10 years. Thus, you will find a long service life of the laser cutting machine.

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