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Foam laser cutter
Our foam laser cutting machines maintain the industry standard. We have set a reasonable price for our foam laser cutter without compromising quality.

You will find incomparable quality in our foam laser cutters. Our certified technicians are ready to customize every part of the machine. As we stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, we are efficient at manufacturing quality machines. You will find the precise cuts by using our foam laser cutters.
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Types of plastics that you
the laser cutter 

  • Polystyrene foam
  • Polyethylene foam
  • Polyester foam
  • Polyurethane foam
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Uses of foam laser cutters
in industries

Every day you use different types of foam products. Thus, several industries use foam for manufacturing purposes. But, to fabricate foam products, they buy our laser cutters. Find the list of industries that use foam for their regular manufacturing needs.
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  • Automobile interiors
  • Furniture padding
  • Boat decking
  • Filters
  • Footwear padding
  • Packaging

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cutters popular?

We are proud that our foam laser cutting system is designed innovatively. Our team has tried to make the laser cutter different from our competitors’ products. That is why we are ready to customize our machine. Moreover, our products are available at a very reasonable rate.
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Foam laser Cutting
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Foam laser cutting machine
We have the best foam laser cutter that includes 10 major components

• Laser source
• Cooling system
• Beam delivery components
• Dust removal system
• Gas cylinders
• Laser cutting head
• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Control system
• Dresser
Our laser-cut foam provides you with several benefits.

• Our laser technology provides you with a faster cutting solution, which saves you time.
• High precision is another advantage of using the laser cutter. You will find a quality cut with our machine.
• As you desire environmentally friendliness, our laser cutting device will be highly useful for you.
• Due to CAD/CAM programs, you will find consistency in the result.
While you turn on your laser cutter, the beam will melt the target part of the rubber. There is a high-pressure nitrogen gas to treat the rubber.
Our foam laser cutting systems cut the materials with a tolerance level of ±0.001".
Laser power is one of the important factors affecting the speed of the foam laser cutting process. The foam cutting speed with a laser can be around 8m per minute.
Both fiber and CO2 lasers ensure a good cut quality. While cutting the material, a continuous wave fiber laser is needed for the best outcome. Fiber lasers are better at cutting copper and reflective metals. On the contrary, in the case of CO2 lasers, the laser is reflected back off the chosen material.
You can use a fiber laser cutting machine for cutting through your material. The laser beam is much more powerful and enables you to have the best cuts.
We encourage our clients to use CypCut's control system. We have found it the most reliable control system in the industry. CAM and CAD modules are also compatible with it. Moreover, you will find features like automatic drawing optimization and production schedule management.
You need a25 to 150W laser cutter to cut foam of different thickness levels. However, the type of laser can make a difference in the power level.
Using a fiber laser cutter, you can cut a foam sheet of up to 1/8” in thickness.
The laser power and the thickness of the foam can affect the quality of the foam cuts.
From polyester to polyethylene, every type of foam can be cut with laser technology.
Our CNC foam cutter maintains a high precision every time you use it for your cutting machine. That is why you do not need to be concerned about secondary finishing.
Yes. We have a versatile foam laser cutting machine. You can implement it to cut other materials without adjusting their parts.
You can confidently use laser technology to cut foam and other materials. You will get the fastest and most cost-effective solution.
Our foam laser cutter’s price starts from US$6,000. You can find the difference in price rates due to the power level and configuration.
You need to pay $11 to $20 per hour to run the laser cutter for foam.
You need to focus on some relevant factors to make the best use of the foam laser cutter.

• The installation of the foam laser cutting machine must be done properly. You may rely on our professional guidance.
• Learn more about our laser technology to be more productive.
• Know the amount of laser power needed for your foam cutting projects.
• Understand the mechanism in which our foam laser cutter works.
• Choose the best accessories for your laser cutting machines.
Our laser cutters for foam are available in different sizes. Thus, you can contact us to learn about the dimension. Our compact models have a size of about 3m x 4m.
Sure, we will show you a live demo of our laser cutter. Call our team and let us know your needs.
You can make the best decision by identifying the type and size of the laser beam. While buying the laser cutter, you have to focus on these factors. Our company provides the best after-sales services to its customers.
Yes. Training service is available for new users. We will let you learn how to use the foam laser cutting machine safely. The training program lasts for a few hours.
You can call our professional team when you find any technical problems with our laser cutter. Certified technicians will provide you with help in every way.
We have a trained team of service providers who will visit your workshop and provide the desired assistance.
Our foam laser cutting systems do not need regular maintenance. Thus, you will save time and continue focusing on your foam cutting projects.
We have premium quality foam laser cutters that will last for 10 years. The service life of our laser cutting machines is higher than what you find in other similar products.

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