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The agricultural farming process has undergone significant transformations. So, there is an increasing need for using advanced machinery. Manufacturers of these agricultural machines have also started investing in better technologies for higher productivity. Laser cutting for agricultural machinery has become a part of their everyday activities. You have reached the right platform to find laser cutters of high quality. Our machines are also available at a reasonable rate.
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Why is laser cutter popular in agriculture?

The agricultural machinery manufacturing industry has learned the importance of mechanization. There should be automation and diversification in developing agricultural equipment and machinery. That is why laser cutting machines have started gaining high popularity. It has accelerated the agricultural machinery modernization effort. Manufacturers of agricultural equipment use lasers to ensure faster production and accurate results.
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Application of lasers in the agricultural sector

The agricultural industry involves the use of heavy-duty agricultural machinery. Some machines are made of highly durable steel like S355 plates. There are flat, tube, and fold laser components. From mild steel to non-ferrous metals, everything can be cut with laser cutting machines.
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About Laser Cutting Machines
Our innovative machines designed for laser cutting for agricultural systems comprises different. However, you can categorize them in 2 ways. The laser head includes drive boards, mirrors, scanners, and lenses. These complicated parts play an important role in the laser cutting for agricultural machinery.

The other one is the controller, which is the brain of your laser cutting system. It relies on DC power supplies and has a special interface to establish a connection to your computer and other parts. You can use CAM software to control speed across varying materials.
There are 2 major types of laser cutting for agricultural tools. One of them is the CO2 laser cutter that uses carbon dioxide gas for the general light beam. It is a popular laser cutter, as you can use it for cutting wood, plastic, and other similar materials.

Another type of laser cutter turns out the beam by using the fiber optic. However, as the agricultural machinery is mostly made of metal, you can use the fiber laser cutter. It is effective in cutting through any metals like stainless steel.
It can cause damage to your machine. That is why you must read the manufacturers’ instructions and take safety precautions before running the laser cutter for your agricultural manufacturing business.
Using water or compressed air, you can clean the laser cutter. It is safe to use a damp rag to remove the accumulated dust from the machine. The steps for maintenance are not much different for every machine. Still, you can talk to our team to learn about the right maintenance technique.
Laser cutting machines are highly useful for manufacturing agricultural machinery due to their cutting strength and kinetic energy. The machines are highly advantageous for several other reasons

• Faster cutting speed and higher accuracy
Our laser cutters have intelligent control systems. Moreover, you can use a reliable laser cutting software program to position your workpiece accurately. There is a minimal thermal effect, and the plate does not get deformed.

• Low processing cost
You do not need to make molds for the laser cuts. Use laser cutting machines to get high-quality output. You can make optimal utilization of materials. You will also save efficiency and time.

• Environment-friendly, safe operation
In the conventional cutting processes, you need to focus on the mold-making process. Moreover, the processing is noisy. On the contrary, laser cutting for an agricultural manufacturing business is an eco-friendly solution. Our modern laser cutters also have a dust removal system. Furthermore, you do not need to invest a high amount in maintenance.
Agricultural machinery is made from different materials, and you can cut most of them with the laser cutting machine. The laser technology is useful for cutting bronze, copper, aluminum, steel, rubber, titanium, ceramic, and acrylic.
We cannot mention a particular thickness limit of metals and other materials that you can cut with a laser cutter. It can vary with the type of metal and laser used for your cutting project. The highest wattage of laser is around 6000 watts. Using this laser, you can cut stainless steel with a thickness of around 2.75 inches. However, with a 6000W laser, you can cut only 1 5/8-inch carbon steel. Similarly, a 4000W laser is effective in passing through 1-inch thick stainless steel. Using this laser, you can cut thicker plastic and wood. But, metal is the most commonly used material for manufacturing agricultural machinery.
High-power lasers easily cut through thick materials. However, they are also efficient in cutting through materials of smaller thickness in minimal time.

A laser passes through weaker materials faster than resilient ones. That is why you can use high-wattage laser cutting machines for your agricultural machine manufacturing.

While making the cuts, the machine will apply gas at a higher pressure. It will help in removing any potential issues. You can use nitrogen for cutting stainless steel and oxygen for carbon steel. You have to decide on the speed of the cutting process and the type of gas based on the chosen material.

To decide on the amount of power needed for laser cutters, you should assess these factors.
The major machines in the agricultural sector are cultivators, seeds, and trucks. In the case of the mechanical machining process, the manufacturing costs of different tools are high. So, lasers are used for designing parts like harrowing discs, sowing discs, knives, blades, chain links, impellers, wear parts, and flanges. Using the laser beam, it will be easy to make the smallest hole faster. You will not find these advantages in mechanical machining techniques. The speed for hole machining can vary with the material and the workpiece’s thickness.

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