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Fabric laser engraver
Engraving a piece of fabric involves attention to detail. However, to make the process faster and easier, you can invest in our fabric laser engraving machine.

Our fabric laser engravers provide you with the best features to streamline your activities. Our professionals strive to offer the highest quality solution. You can create beautiful designs and detailed graphics using our laser engraver. It will be easy to personalize the fabric with our machines. Our products ensure high-end performance and can last long.
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Fabrics suitable for engraving with a laser engraver

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Lace
  • Fleece
  • Denim
  • Felt 
  • Microfibers 
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Industries that use fabric laser engravers

Fabrics are one of the common materials used for different manufacturing purposes. They are easy to mold into different shapes due to their unique properties. However, some industries also need to engrave fabric surfaces to make a product.
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  • Labels on garments
  • Art and craft
  • Clothing
  • Home decors
  • Fabric toys

Why has our fabric laser engraver become popular?

We have designed the best laser engraving machines that provide the desired output. You will also be able to operate the machine with minimal training. We will train you on how to run the machine without any issues. Our advanced technologies will remove your concerns about the final output.
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Advantages of Laser Engraved Fabric
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Fabric Laser Engraving
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Fabric laser engraving machine
We have a user-friendly fabric laser engraver designed with different components.

• Gas cylinder
• Machine table
• Laser source
• Laser engraving head
• Cooling system
• Dust remover
• Control system
• Dresser
• Beam delivery components
• Air-cooled filter
Our clients have found multiple benefits in using our laser engraving machine for fabrics.

• You can engrave almost any type of fabric to customize products like bags, blankets, hats, and hoodies.
• You will be able to create striking graphics with laser engravers. Microfibers and fleece will produce a dark look engraved with lasers.
• Laser technology presents you with the fastest and most accurate result.
In the laser engraving process, the laser leaves a pattern on the fabric’s surface. The heat of the beam transforms a part of the material, and that is why, you will find a decoration on the piece of fabric.
At Allwinmac, our fabric laser engravers have a tolerance of up to ±0.001".
It can take 5 seconds to a few minutes to engrave a design on a piece of fabric. However, there is a difference in speed based on the laser power and fabric type.
The fiber laser engraver produces a beam of a shorter wavelength. Moreover, it needs less power to engrave the fabric. You will find no compromise on the quality of the output.
CO2 laser engravers are effective in engraving to engrave soft materials like fabric. Fiber laser engravers are perfect for dealing with harder materials.
The CypCut's control system is the right choice for pairing up your fabric laser engraver. You will find integrated modules like CAM, CAD, and Nest. Some useful features are automatic drawing optimization, a production schedule management system, and a compatible capacitor.
You need about a 50W laser beam to engrave different types of fabrics.
Using our custom laser engraver, you can engrave fabric with a thickness of up to 1/4 inch. But, you can adjust the laser power based on the thickness level and the type of fabric.
The most significant factors that can make a difference in the quality of the fabric laser engraving process are the fabric’s thickness and the type of fabric.
From leather to cotton, everything can be engraved with laser engraving machines.
Our laser engraver for fabric provides you with a highly precise result. That is why you do not need to apply the secondary finishing technique. It will be a time-saving solution.
Yes. Our fabric laser engraver is a versatile machine. You do not need to replace any component to engrave other materials. Adjust the laser power and make the best use of the machine.
Yes. We think that laser is the most effective solution for engraving and marking your fabrics. You will get a highly accurate result by implementing laser technology.
On average, the price for a fabric laser engraver can be US$6,000 to US$300,000. Our customization process can affect the price rate.
The overall cost of operating a fabric laser cutting machine is $5 to $11per hour.
You need to choose the design and pattern to be engraved on the fabric surface. Moreover, the machine needs proper installation to ensure smooth operation. We have the best laser engraving machine manufacturer to guide your thoroughly. Furthermore, we can integrate some valuable accessories into your laser engraver.
At Allwinmac, our professionals have designed laser engravers of different sizes. The smallest one has a dimension of about 3m x 4m. Know how much space is available to install the machine. You can then make the right decision.
Yes, we are ready to help you by providing a live demo of our product. You can send a message to inform us that you need the demonstration of our laser engraving machine.
You have to check some features of your laser engraver before investing in a product. For instance, you must know the type of laser beam, the laser power level, and after-sales service quality.
Yes, Allwinmac has a team to provide safety training. Thus, you can contact our team to get the best safety instructions and operate the machine without risks.
It is our pride that we can help our clients at any time. Our remote and on-site services will solve your technical problems.
Our team comprises some trained field service providers. Our services are available in the countries where we sell our engraving machines.
We use high-quality manufacturing technology to design every part of our laser engraver. Our machines do not need much maintenance.
As we have carefully manufactured our laser engraver for fabric, the machine will last longer. According to our loyal clients, our machine lasts more than 10 years. Thus, you can confidently invest in our engraving machines to use them for years.

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