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The whole laser machine consists of 13 parts as follows.
1. Cutting work platform
2. Laser source
3. laser lens
4. control system
5. voltage stabilization power supply
6. laser cutting head
7. servo motor
8. water cooling system
9. auxiliary gas cylinder
10. pneumatic system
11. air-cooled drying system
12. dust removal system
13. slag discharge system
Laser processing is flexible, accurate, fast, and supports automated and repeatable production with high-quality results, making it a cost-effective method of processing
Laser machines work by a process of heating, melting, or completely evaporating the material with high power density.
Most of the laser machines on the market have a processing accuracy of 0.5mm, Allwinmac can provide you with laser machines with processing accuracy as low as 0.3mm.
The processing speed of the laser machine is influenced by the type of material and the power of the machine, the higher the power, the faster the processing speed. If you would like to know more about the material your business needs to be processed, you can contact our experts.
The difference between them is the wavelength and power of the laser. Simply put, fiber laser machines emit smaller wavelengths of laser light, which are more suitable for cutting metals, consume less energy, and use electricity more efficiently.
The type of laser machine depends on the material your business needs to process and the requirements to be met. For example, a fiber laser machine is better suited for cutting than a CO2 laser machine, and a CO2 laser cutter is better suited for engraving materials.
We use CypCut, the best control system in the laser industry, which has the advantages of high integration and compatibility.
The amount of power required for a laser machine depends on the type of material you need to process and the requirements. For example, cutting requires more power than engraving for the same type of material.
Allwinmac's laser machines can process parts up to a maximum height of 400mm and can be customized to fit your needs.
You can contact us and our professional and friendly team will provide a solution that best suits your application's needs.
Because of the nature of laser processing, laser machines can process almost any material.
The nature of laser processing is to melt and evaporate materials at high temperatures. If dangerous gases or dusts are generated during the evaporation of the material, then laser processing should not be used. A list of specific materials can be found in our literature.
Thanks to the high precision of laser processing, the edges are of excellent quality and do not require secondary processing.
There are six main factors that affect the quality of laser machine processing.
1. the output power of the laser
2. the type of laser beam
3. the processing speed of the laser
4. the pressure and type of auxiliary gas
5. the surface roughness of the material to be processed
6. thickness of the material to be processed
Laser machines range in price from $3000-$300,000 depending on the machine configuration.
Thanks to the low energy consumption of the laser machines, the cost of running the machines can range from $11 to $20 per hour.
1. Choose the right type of laser for the material you want to process.
2. Choose the best laser power for your application.
3. Select the right components according to the requirements of your application.
4. Select the size of the table according to the size of the workpiece.
5. Select the additional features you want to increase your output, e.g. exchange table.
6. Find out about installation, maintenance and after-sales service.
When you are considering investing in a laser machine, you should be aware of the following points that can help you grow your business faster.
1. Ensure that the process of installing the machine is to specification.
2. Use the latest laser technology to increase productivity.
3. Keep in touch with the manufacturer to keep up to date with the latest laser technology.
4. choose a laser machine that meets high quality production standards.
5. Select the right accessories to increase your productivity.
Allwinmac laser machines are available in sizes as small as 3m x 4m. You will need to select the right machine for your business needs to know exactly where to put it.
Yes, we support you with live demonstrations of our laser machines.
Yes, we offer training on how to operate the machine. We know that good training equals a great customer experience.
The answer is yes, we know that timely support is vital to our customers and we have technicians who can support them remotely and on site.
Yes, our fully trained technical service staff are ready to support you worldwide.
Our laser machines are of such high quality, thanks to the process we use to manufacture them, that they do not require a lot of maintenance.
The high-quality manufacturing process of the Allwinmac laser machines gives them a much better life than most laser machines on the market and we have a customer who has been using our machines for 10 years and they are still in service.
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