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Leather laser cutter
Invest in our leather laser cutter cutting machine and get custom solutions from our engineers.

We aim at providing you with highly engineered leather laser cutting systems for your industrial projects. Our advanced laser technology will go beyond your anticipation due to its incomparable performance. Rely on our CNC leather laser cutter and find how it works for your project. We guarantee the highest standard with our laser cutting machine.
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Types of leather cut with
laser Cutting Machine

  • Full-grain leather
  • Top grain leather 
  • Bonded leather
  • Corrected grain
  • Veg-tanned leather
  • Pigmented leather
  • Suede
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What you can make with
a leather laser cutter?


Uses of leather laser cutters
in industries

Every day you use different leather-made items. Thus, several industries need to buy leathers and cut them into different shapes. You can also make your leather cutting project successful by investing in our leather cutters. Laser technology has become popular for speed and accuracy.
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  • Footwear
  • Hats
  • Handbags
  • Purses
  • Wristwatch
  • Gloves
  • Clothing
  • Briefcases

How have we made 
our leather laser 
cutters popular?

Our feature-rich leather laser cutting systems can make your tasks easy. We always integrate the best technology into our machines. Moreover, you can buy a custom-designed laser cutter by consulting our team. Let us know about your leather cutting projects and provide you with a quality cutter.
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Advantages of
Laser Cut Leather
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Leather laser Cutting
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Leather laser cutting machine
Our technologically advanced and innovative laser cutter for leather consists of

• Cooling system
• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Gas cylinders
• Dresser
• Dust removing system
• Beam delivery parts
• Control system
• Laser cutting head
• Laser source
• Machine table
• Precision- Repeatability and high accuracy will ensure the consistent performance of the leather cutter.
• Non-contact cutting- With our leather laser cutter, you can apply a non-contact machining technique that does not cause abrasion and stretch marks to your leather. You will not find direct contact between the workpiece and the tool.
• Quality output- As the laser beam is highly focused, you will find the best result. You may also create intricate and delicate designs on a piece of leather. Moreover, the use of CAD programs helps you in having the desired output.
The thermal mechanism of a laser cutter plays a role in cutting leather. It turns out the laser beam that cuts through the leather. You can easily find the best cut with the leather cutter. The presence of a high-pressure gas makes the cutting process successful.
The accuracy level is about ±0.004", while the repeatability index is ±0.002 (0.05mm). You will find tight tolerance and perfect cuts with our laser cutters.
The thickness of your leather can affect the cutting speed. You can use a 40W laser to achieve a speed of 2 inches/sec. It is good for medium-thick leather. However, 40W laser cutters are also useful for engraving leather at a 355mm/sec speed.
You can find the major difference in the wavelength of laser beams. A fiber laser cutting through a plastic has a wavelength of 1,060 nm. On the contrary, CO2 lasers are available with a wavelength of 10,600 nm. Due to shorter wavelengths, fiber lasers can cut any materials.
CO2 lasers can be the right choice for cutting leather of different types. You can use a 40W laser cutter to cut leather of different thicknesses.
The industry-standard control system of CypCut is available for you. It will let you use the laser cutter more efficiently. You will also find CAD, CAM, and Nest modules for the laser cutters. Other advantageous features are production schedule management, automatically operated drawing optimization, and capacitor.
You need at least 50W laser power to cut leather. However, you have to check the thickness of the leather before deciding on the power.
Laser cutters are efficient at cutting through the leather of 1/16” to 1/4” in thickness. But, thicker leather may need 2 passes to get the cut.
Leathers are available with varying thicknesses. You will have a quality output by focusing on the thickness and type of leather.
Our laser cutter can cut any materials, including synthetic leather, natural leather, and napped leather.
You do not need to apply further treatment to your laser-cut leather. Thus, you will save time and effort by using a laser cutter for leather.
Yes. You may rely on your leather laser cutting machines to cut plastic, wood, acrylic, and other materials.
Yes. Our laser cutting technology is efficient at cutting leather. Although other cutting methods are available, the laser is the best alternative.
You need to invest US$6,000 to US$300,000 in your laser cutter for leather. The customization process can affect the cost.
You may need to pay around 60USD per hour. But, it is essential to know the cost of consumable parts and power consumption.
You have to learn the proper way of using our leather laser cutting system

• Your leather laser cutters need proper installation in the right place.
• Secondly, it is essential to learn the value of technologies used for the laser cutting machine.
• Connect with our manufacturers to solve any potential issue.
• Your leather cutting laser will work better by having some more accessories.
We have designed a small, compact, and sturdy laser cutting machine. It will not take up much space. The dimension is about 3m x 4m, and it will be suitable for any workshop.
We can provide you with a live demo of our leather cutting machine. It will reveal how our laser technology works.
It is not easy to purchase a leather laser cutter. However, as you have reached our platform, you will get the best service. Still, you have to check the type of laser, power level, and some other factors.
Safety training is highly valuable for every novice user. When you buy our leather laser cutter, we provide you with training. You will become more productive while using it.
Yes, our company knows the importance of providing customer services to solve technical problems. While your machine does not work for your regular use, we are ready to provide online and onsite help.
Our friendly and dedicated technical specialists are present in different countries to help our clients.
Our leather laser cutters need minimal maintenance to keep up the performance standard. You will not need to be concerned about longevity.
Our certified engineers have carefully manufactured the leather laser cutter with premium quality components. Our customers have reported that our machines have served them consistently for 10 years. We think that you will also find no problem with our laser cutters.

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