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Metal laser engraver
We are the best manufacturers and distributors of laser engraving machines for metal. When you like to undertake a metal engraving project, you can rely on our machines.

Our premium quality metal laser engraving machine ensures the highest performance standard. You will find every feature integrated into the machine to make your task easier. We have designed every component of the machine carefully to make it long-lasting. Equipped with heavy-duty parts, our laser engravers will surely serve your purpose.
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Laser engraving machine compatible with different metals

  • Steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Titanium
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Industries that use metal laser engraving machines

Several industries need to use an engraving machine to engrave the metal. However, our technologically advanced laser engraving machines are highly useful for them. They can accomplish the engraving project with accuracy. Moreover, our laser engravers are highly versatile and deal with metals of any type. You can engrave text, logos, numbers, pictures, 2D codes, and several other things.
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  • Jewellery
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Automotive
  • Aeronautics

What makes our metal laser engravers highly popular?

Laser beams enable you to engrave metal cost-effectively. Moreover, we have set a reasonable price without compromising the quality of our laser engraving machine for metal. You can efficiently do your job using our laser engraver for metal.
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Metal laser engraving machine
The metal laser engraving machine designed by our engineers comprises different components like

• Cooling system
• Machine table
• Control system
• Gas cylinders
• Laser source
• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Laser cutting head
• Dust removal system
• Beam delivery components
• Dresser
We have listed the benefits of using lasers for engraving a metal surface.

• Marks engraved with a laser will never be degraded by environmental factors.
• No one can forge and modify the marks engraved by this technology.
• It is easy to mark any regular and irregular surface. There is no risk of producing internal stress by the marked workpiece.
• Our laser engravers are useful for both non-metal and metal items.
• When precision is the ultimate factor for your metal engraving project, laser technology is the best option.
• The cost of operating our laser engraver is low.

During the laser engraving process, the laser beam will vaporize the materials to produce fumes. It helps in engraving the surface permanently with deep marks. The laser acts as a chisel, and thus, it incises marks with the removal of layers from the metal surface.
Our advanced metal laser engraving machines are highly accurate. The tolerance level can be up to ± 0.005".
You can find a difference in the engraving speed based on the type of metal and laser power. For instance, the engraving speed for a 254 mm lens on steel is 0.05—0.11 mm3/s.
The CO2 laser engraving machines are more cost-effective than fiber laser engravers. However, to cut metals of any type, fiber laser engraving machines are the perfect solution. On the contrary, CO2 lasers are best for non-metallic items.
Fiber lasers are more efficient for the deep engraving of metals. You can engrave a metal easily and accurately.
Our professionals will let you pair the laser engraver with CypCut's control system. It also has CAM and CAD modules with other features, automatic drawing optimization and production schedule management.
While using CO2 lasers, you need a 70 kW machine. But, for the fiber laser, it is about 18 kW.
In the case of stainless steel, the thickness must not be more than 0.5mm. However, laser power and the type of metal can make a difference.
The type of metal and its thickness are the most important factors when engraving metals with lasers.
Almost any hard and soft metals can be engraved with the laser engraving machine. Still, to remove your concerns, you can contact our team.
No. As you will get highly precise results, there is no need for secondary treatment for the engraved part. You will find the best outcome.
Surely, you can engrave both metals and non-metals using our metal laser engraver. But, you have to adjust the laser power size for this purpose.
Yes, we have found lasers as the ideal solution for engraving metal. You can engrave your metals fast without investing a high amount.
The average cost of a metal laser engraving machine ranges from $35,000 to $80,000.
Based on the chosen laser beam, you can find a difference in the running cost. Still, the standard cost is $11 to $20 per hour. As CO2 lasers consume more energy and thus, the operating cost will be higher.
As a computer-controlled system, the laser engraver works autonomously. However, without software, it will be useless. Thus, you must learn about the software compatible with our metal laser engraving machine. Moreover, it is important to install the machine properly before starting your engraving project. You may also contact our team to know more about laser technology. Based on your business needs, we will customize the machine.
Our laser engraver for metal is available in different sizes. You can find the smallest one with a dimension of 3m x 4m. You must choose the right model based on the space available in your workspace.
Yes. You can contact our team and ask our professionals to show the live demo. You will easily learn how our metal laser engraving machine. Watch our live demonstration and remove your confusion.
To buy a laser engraving machine for metal, you have to focus on the type of laser beam. Moreover, we will inform you about the laser power. Our team also provides after-sales service to every buyer.
Sure, our team provides training to novices who like to learn the way of operating the laser engraving machine for metal. We think that training is always important for the efficient operation of the machine.
When you have faced issues with our laser engraver for metal, you can contact us. Our skilled technicians are ready to help you on-site and remotely.
We have a team of trained professionals working in different countries where our services and products are available.
We have developed a high-quality metal laser engraver with the latest technology. That is why it does not need high maintenance on a regular basis.
Our customers have claimed that our custom metal laser engravers have a long service life. They have used the machine for 10 years. As we are highly careful about the manufacturing process, we provide you with the best product.

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