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Granite laser cutter
We have a team of professional engineers to provide you with a custom granite laser cutting machine. Our CNC granite laser cutter is available at the most affordable rate.

As you need to cut granite stones for your regular projects, our machines will be the right choice for you. Our team tries its best to maintain the best quality of the granite laser cutter. You will find a prolonged life and seamless performance of the machines. Get in touch with us and buy our laser cutter for granite.
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Types of granite cut with our laser Cutting Machine

  • Giallo Veneziano
  • Sardinian White
  • Dorato Valmalenco
  • Emerald Pearl
  • Ivory Brown
  • Rosso Santiago
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Industries where granite Laser cutters are used

Granite is one of the commonly used stones for several commercial and residential projects. Different manufacturers also use granite to make their products. The architectural stone, granite, is highly durable, and you cannot cut it without an advanced tool. That is why our granite laser cutters will be highly useful for you.
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  • Construction
  • Jewelry
  • Fireplace mantle
  • Flooring
  • Tabletops
  • Shelves
  • Pavements

Why are our granite laser cutters so popular?

Our laser cutter for granite is made of innovative technologies. You will find it easy to use. Moreover, our laser cutting machines for cutting granite and other stones are available at a reasonable rate. You will have the most accurate and fastest results from using our machines.
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Granite laser Cutting Machines
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Granite laser cutting machine
We have the best granite laser cutting machines made of several components

• Machine table
• Laser source
• Gas cylinder
• Laser cutting head
• Dresser
• Control system
• Beam delivery parts
• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Cooling system
• Dust remover
Our granite laser cutters are advantageous in several ways

• Minimal thermal effect- Your workpiece will have no risk of damage, as the thermal effect is low.
• Quality- The cutting accuracy is very high when you use a laser cutter for granite cutting projects. Due to the better software control and smaller beam diameter, you will find the best quality cuts.
• Profitability- As you will get the precise cuts, you can reduce waste. That is why it will increase the profitability of your business.
• Productivity- The speed of cutting granite with a laser cutter is very high, and thus, your workers will be very productive.
It is good to understand how our granite laser cutter works to make the best use of it. The laser beam coming out of the machine melts the granite stone. It helps in blowing out the molten part. The pressurized nitrogen gas produces the cut out of your granite material.
The cutting tolerance of the granite laser cutting machines is up to ±0.001".
The power of the laser and the thickness of granite can make a difference in speed. Still, the average speed of laser cutting graphite is 6 mm/s. Thus, you need to choose the right laser cutter to get the optimal speed.
CO2 laser cutter emits a high-intensity infrared laser beam to cut the material. You can rely on it to create acute angles and fine features. On the contrary, fiber laser cutters use diodes for producing beams. The cutting speed is also higher, and you will have finer cuts.
The CO2 laser is effective at cutting the natural granite stone successfully.
The CypCut's control system is the best option for cutting granites with laser technology. The compatible modules are CAM, CAD, and Nest. These modules have features like automatic drawing optimization and production schedule control.
You need at least 25W to 50W laser cutters to cut granite stones.
With a 3.5 kW laser cutter, you can cut a granite stone of about 10 mm in thickness. However, it may vary for the granite type and power.
You need to identify the thickness of your granite material. Moreover, graphite is of different types. These factors are highly important for ensuring the best quality cuts.
Granite consists of a range of minerals, and it is available in different versions. You can cut any type of granite stone with our laser cutters.
As granite laser cutters ensure high precision, you can avoid applying further treatment to the stone. We have received positive feedback from our clients.
Our highly engineered granite laser cutters are versatile. You can adjust the laser power size and use the machine for cutting different materials.
Yes, lasers are the best solution for cutting metal. Laser cutting of metal is not only fast and accurate but also relatively inexpensive.
The cost for a laser granite cutter can be US$6,000 to US$300,000. It varies for on the power level and configurations.
The operating cost for our granite laser cutter is about $11 to $20 per hour.
You have to focus on different factors while using the granite laser cutters.

• Our granite laser cutting machine needs proper installation.
• You must choose the right laser power to find the fastest speed and best cuts.
• Learn more about laser cutting technologies.
• Add some custom accessories to your laser cutter.
Our laser cutting machines are of different sizes, ranging from smaller to larger ones. Still, the most commonly chosen models have a dimension of about 3m x 4m. Measure the space available in your workshop and install the right machine.
You can send us a message to request a live demo of the granite laser cutter. We will arrange it for you.
You can select the best laser cutter for granite by assessing a number of factors. For instance, you must check the type of laser, the laser power size, and the after-sales service quality.
Yes. Our team is ready to provide training to every client who has bought granite laser cutters. You will be able to operate the machine safely and efficiently. Our safety training covers a few hours.
Yes. Our team provides timely service to clients who have faced technical issues. Our onsite and remote services will be available to them. Thus, you can also call us and get our service.
We have a team of trained professionals who work for clients in different countries.
As we have implemented high-quality technology to manufacture our granite laser cutting machines, maintenance is not necessary.
Our granite cutters have a long service life. According to our clients, the laser cutting machines last for 10 years.

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