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Microelectronic manufacturers need to deal with different delicate components. Laser cutting has become a trendy choice for manufacturers in this industry. We have designed easy-to-use laser cutters equipped with high-quality parts and valuable features. Our engineers can also customize the machine to your needs. Our microelectronics laser cutting machines are available at a reasonable cost.
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Why is laser cutting popular in the microelectronic manufacturing sector?

Laser cutting machines ensure a faster solution, and thus, they will help you in accomplishing your projects within a short time. Moreover, you will find an accurate output. There is no risk of flaws in the laser cutting process.
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Applications of lasers in the microelectronic industry

Laser technology has continued gaining high popularity in different material processing applications. Microelectronics manufacturing companies have started replacing the conventional methods with laser cutting and engraving processes. The laser cutting machine can deal with different metals, and that is why you can invest in this versatile technology.
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frequently asked questions

About Laser Cutting Machines
There are multiple advantages of using laser cutting systems for microelectronics.

• You will find higher productivity as the laser cutting process minimizes the processing time. You will not have this benefit from conventional methods.
• You will save costs by eliminating the consumables.
• The laser cutting process for electronic parts is an eco-friendly solution. There is no chemical substance used for the process.
• Another remarkable thing is that you will save labor costs due to the integrated automated designs.
Yes. Our company provides safety training that covers a few hours. You will learn how to operate the machine efficiently. We are glad to help you with this training program. Moreover, you will become familiar with every part of our
Yes. We have a team of technicians to help you with the laser cutter installation and setup processes. We are ready to visit your site to provide you with the desired help. You may also rely on our remote assistance for installing your microelectronics laser cutting machine.
You can cut any type of metal, including the non-ferrous ones. Moreover, lasers are efficient in cutting through aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel. Non-metals can also be cut with laser technology.
Laser cutting is a process where the electrical energy focuses on a single spot. The higher energy melts the part and vaporizes it partially when they strike the material. In your laser cutting project, CNC helps in directing the high-power laser beams to pass through the chosen materials.

The steps for laser cutting are

• Generate the laser beam
CO2 lasers have become highly popular due to their accuracy and affordable pricing. They are efficient in cutting non-metals and metals like aluminum and steel. The machine passes electricity through a tube, which contains gasses.
• Focus the laser beam
The laser passes through the specially designed mirrors, and then it hits the material. The mirror plays a role in making the beam narrower and more intense. However, the laser beam length, heat output, and intensity will be controllable.
• Cut the material
Before cutting the material, the high-intensity beam creates a kerf at the material's edge. Kerf refers to the material taken away by the laser while cutting the groove.
So, these are a few steps for cutting the microelectronic parts using the laser cutter.
While dealing with different materials, it is important to have higher productivity. Moreover, it also affects how fast you can accomplish your job. CAD software integration is essential to identify the look of the final product. For instance, you are creating a part of an electronic machine with the laser cutter. The CAD will show how that part will work for the electronic device. Machines integrated with CAD software also work 24 hours without any human interaction. You may also use CAM software for your laser cutting purpose.
Wastage is one of the common problems in most manufacturing sectors. Lack of efficiency and the use of a high amount of material can cause this issue. However, in the case of laser cutting, you will find minimal waste. It is because of the use of CAD in your laser cutting project. You will be able to do the project economically and use the right amount of material.

Moreover, you can rely on the nesting process, which reduces the raw material waste. You can also control different material characteristics with this process.
The speed of your laser cutting process can vary due to some factors like material thickness, material type, and laser wattage. Moreover, the level of wattage also affects the laser cutting speed. With a 150W laser, when you cut ⅛” acrylic plastic, the speed I 3 to 4 inches per second. But, with a 400W laser for that acrylic material, the speed is 6-7 inches per second.
You may find different technologies for marking and engraving a material. However, laser technology is a better choice for higher effectiveness, higher efficiency, and better output. Moreover, it is easy to engrave and mark any part. Keypads, microchips, and circuit boards are some components marked by lasers.

But, these components are of different sizes, and laser engraving technology manages them efficiently. You can apply the laser engraving technique to mark serial numbers, barcodes, and other details. The laser-engraved mark is also readable. You can avoid the cost related to the re-marking process. The engravings will be long-lasting.
Lasers are efficient in drilling small holes into different materials, including metals. You may not be able to achieve accurate holes using conventional tools.

Nowadays, there is a trend of downsizing electronics. That is why laser technology has gained the attention of electronic manufacturers. Using the laser cutter, you can drill micro holes for your circuit boards and other intricate parts.

Without lasers, it may take a longer time to manufacture electronics. Moreover, due to the unique marking ability of lasers, it is not easy to counterfeit the marking.

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