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Buy our custom-designed laser cutter for paper cutting projects. You can cut your papers accurately and find the best output.

Our paper laser cutting machines are known for their advanced functionalities. We have carefully designed every part of the laser cutter. You will enjoy a lasting performance with the paper laser cutter. Also, our company has set the most reasonable price rates for the laser cutting machines. You will become more productive by using our laser cutter.
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Types of papers that can be cut with a laser Cutting Machine

  • Fine paper
  • Cardboard
  • Art paper
  • Handmade paper
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Uncoated paper
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Industries that use paper Laser cutting machines

Paper is one of the eco-friendly and reusable materials used for manufacturing different products. However, without a proper cut of the paper pieces, you cannot make the desired products. That is why our laser cutting machines will be useful for your regular projects. Use the paper laser cutter for your industrial needs.
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  • Greetings cards
  • Paper cups
  • Paper plate
  • Disposable cutlery
  • Paper bags

Why are our paper laser cutters 
very popular?

We have earned a reputation by designing the best laser cutters. Our team is efficient at manufacturing feature-rich laser cutters for cutting papers of different thickness levels. Moreover, our laser cutting systems can work fast without any errors in the output. Due to accuracy, several clients have chosen our laser cutters.
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The ultimate FAQ guide

Paper laser cutting machine
Our paper laser cutter comprises 10 parts, including

• Air-cooled dryer filter
• Gas cylinders
• Control system
• Beam delivery parts
• Laser cutting head
• Dust remover
• Laser source
• Machine table
• Dresser
• Cooling system
You can choose a laser to cut paper to get several benefits.

• Versatility- The laser cutting paper does not involve the replacement of parts for every cut. You can rely on a particular setup to cut materials of the same thickness levels.
• You can cut papers at high speed and save time.
• The accuracy level of the laser-cut paper is very high.
During your laser cutting process, a laser beam targets the material and blows it out of the cut. The highly pressurized nitrogen gas will give you the best cuts.
Our CNC paper laser cutter has a tolerance of about ±0.001".
Based on the type of laser, power, and the thickness of paper, the cutting speed can be around 20~30mm/s.
To get a faster piercing time, you can rely on CO2 lasers. You will find a straight-line cutting with this CO2 laser. But, as CO2 lasers are more powerful, the cost of operation may be higher than that of fiber lasers.
You can use CO2 or fiber lasers to cut any type of paper.
Our laser cutter for paper can be paired with CypCut's control system. It helps in integrating CAM, CAD, and Nest modules. There are also several other features like a compatible capacitor and graphic cutting technology.
The power level should be low, and it can range from 10~17%.
The laser cutter can deal with papers and other materials with a thickness of not more than 2.75 inches.
The thickness of your papers and the power of laser beams can affect the overall quality of the cuts.
From cardstocks to coated and uncoated papers, everything can be cut with a laser cutting machine.
Due to the maintenance of high accuracy, our laser cutters will save you from additional treatment. Secondary finishing is not needed for the laser-cut papers.
Surely, you can cut paper and other materials with a single laser cutter. You do not need to adjust the parts for this purpose.
Yes. Laser is the perfect solution for your paper cutting projects. The paper evaporates fast during cutting, and that’s why it will be easy to process the material. With high precision, you will get the desired cut.
The cost of a standard laser cutter for papers can be US$6,000 to US$300,000. You can find a difference due to the power level and settings.
The average cost of running a paper laser cutter is around $6 per hour.
While cutting papers with a laser cutter, you need to focus on

• Laser mode
• Laser power
• Nozzle height and diameter
• Sheet material
• Cutting speed
• Sheet surface quality

Moreover, you have to install the paper laser cutters properly.
Our company has designed paper laser cutting machines of different sizes. The smallest model has a dimension of about 3m x 4m. You have to pick the right laser cutter for paper cutting purposes based on the available space.
You can surely contact us and have a live demo of our CNC paper laser cutter. We will show you how to use the paper cutting machine and make the best use of laser technology.
When you like to buy a paper laser cutting machine, you have to pay attention to some important factors: the laser power's size, the type of laser, and the processed parts. After making a deal with us, you will be able to maintain a relationship with us. Our team will provide after-sales service.
We know that it is very important to undergo training before operating the CNC paper laser cutter. We have pleased our clients with a brief safety training program. You can efficiently run the machine.
Our paper laser cutters have minimal chance of breakdowns. Still, when you have found any technical issue with our laser cutting machines, we will help you in every way. In some cases, the problem cannot be solved remotely. So, we will reach your site for the solution.
We have a team of trained professionals to reach your workshop and give the best assistance.
Our paper laser cutters do not need much maintenance for your regular use. Still, you will find the best performance with the laser cutting systems.
Our paper laser cutters help you with the flawless cutting process, as we have used the best manufacturing technology. That is why you will find a better and longer service life. According to our clients, the laser cutting machines last for 10 years.

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