How To Become Better at Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting has brought about a change in the world of production. Laser cutting ensures everything from precise cuts to highly accurate clean cuts and smooth finishes. Once you get better at laser cutting, you can create prototypes and 3D objects too using a laser, but how to become better at laser cutting?

In order to get better at laser cutting, you should try test cuts on other materials before taking on bigger projects. Try engraving multiple similar objects in single batches to gain efficiency while laser cutting. Adjust the resolution and use color mapping to get the best results for laser cutting.

Before you begin to laser cut different materials and develop more projects, you need to take into account some of the aspects that help you get better at laser cutting to get the best results possible. In order to do so, we need to first understand how exactly laser cutting works and how it's better. Let us read more to find out.

How Does Laser Cutting Work?

How Does Laser Cutting Work?

Laser cutting involves the use of high precision CNC thermal which uses high-power laser beams to cut and burn materials into desirable shapes. 

Laser machines are of different types. However, the process of laser-cutting remains the same. Various materials such as aluminum, wood, steel, acrylic, etc. are cut into shape by the use of a strong laser beam.

The laser is narrowed down to a very concentrated beam that is focused on through a lens in order to make clear cuts in the material. The laser can cut through parts of up to 10 mm in thickness. Laser cutting can deliver different amazing projects, from specialized to decorative ones. Different industries make use of it.

In comparison to other manufacturing processes, laser cutting gives way better advantages, such as precision. Let us look into how laser cutting benefits us in the process of production.

Safer Method

Using a Laser cutting machine is considerably safer than any other cutting machine out there that requires you to deal with heavy, sharp objects. With no use of blades or close handling of objects, it makes the entire process a lot safer and easier to do.

You also handle the laser beam using the computerized machine and not the laser itself, making it safe for you to execute and bringing the accuracy of cutting from a distance.

Non-contact Process

As we know, with laser cutting, there are no cutting tools involved. When cutting, the laser beam doesn’t touch the material it is shaping, which causes minimal damage to the material. There is also no wear and damage issue with tools.


Using highly accurate laser beams, the materials get cut, providing a clean and smooth finish. This allows small details to be made on materials using laser cutting. These details cannot be achieved with any other form of cutting.

Now that we understand how laser cutting works, let us know how we can make the most of this technology and get better at laser cutting.

How To Become Better At Laser Cutting?

One of the great things about learning to laser cut materials is how creative you can be. Laser operators look to increase productivity in many ways. In order to get better at laser cutting, here are some of the tips to keep in mind.

Test Cutting

Always try presets before cutting into a material. Before moving on to do the actual job, try test cuts on other similar materials so that you can have better practice and output. Try increasing or decreasing the power of the beam to see how high or low you can increase the power and speed of the laser.

Start with smaller sizes and then move your way up to bigger projects to get better at laser cutting.

Engrave Multiple Items In One Batch

Producing multiple prints reduces production time. If you have laser cutting projects that require you to engrave more than one material or object of similar design, cut them into single batches.

Doing multiple similar designs will also perfect your edge cutting and harder engravings when cutting materials with a laser. This will not only make you highly efficient but also increase the productivity of your cutting.

Adjust The Resolution

When laser cutting, the resolution is another aspect you should keep in mind if you are looking to get better. In any case, a clear image or smooth finish is important in an engraving project. The stronger the dots per inch, the longer an item will take to be engraved.

Adjust different resolutions according to the project to get a better idea of which present to use for which material.

Use Color Mapping

Use color mapping to save engraving time. If you have got three columns, each with around 20 names then by default, the laser sees this as one picture. So, the laser head will head over the white space between these columns in order to cut into the complete design you are looking to print.

With the help of color mapping, you enable all that white space you can skip by doling out each column with a distinctive color and a related engraving order.

Laser Cutting Vs Laser Engraving Machines

Laser Cutting Vs Laser Engraving Machines

Laser cutting machines have a laser that has a highly optimized laser to cut materials at a very fast speed. It has a higher cutting standard and is not properly suited for engraving. Laser cutting machines are mostly used to cut and shape objects and materials into desired shapes.

In the case of a laser engraving machine, the laser is much more optimized to have high-quality engraving. An engraving machine gives a good laser engraving result on the same material that the cutting machine will chop down.

It uses a lower power laser and does not cut through the same thickness of the material. You can draw out details and graphics using engraving machines mostly.

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Laser cutting involves the use of high precision CNC thermal which uses high-power laser beams to cut and burn materials into a desirable shape. Try test cuts on other materials before taking on bigger projects.

Practice cutting and engraving multiple objects at the same time and adjust resolution to get better at laser cutting.

We hope that our guide on how to become better at laser cutting helped you learn something new today and will help you get more out of your laser-cutting projects.

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