8 Must-Have Accessories For Using Laser Cutting Machine

A laser cutter is a versatile machine. From cutting to engraving, it can cover a wide range of functions. However, its productivity and working capacity can be increased by adding some accessories. So, we all should know about these 8 must-have accessories for using laser cutting machines.

Alongside the accessories for using a laser cutting machine, this article provides information about how to use them, their necessity, and more.

8 Useful Laser Cut Machine Accessories You Should Have

Here are some must-have accessories for laser cutting machines. However, it’s not limited to these. Creative minds may find more ideas that can increase the efficiency of a laser cutting machine.

1. Focus Lens

While cutting or engraving on a material, the required thickness is not always the same. So, we should use a focus lens. Different kinds of focus lenses are available. Some are specialized in different cutting thicknesses while some provide higher engraving resolution.

A focus lens converges the laser beam and creates a focal point. The laser cuts or engraves the material right at that point.

The most common lenses are the ones having 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 inches of focal lengths. A smaller lens creates a higher resolution while engraving. But they have a reduced depth of focus, so their cutting capacity is reduced. On the other hand, a larger lens has a higher cutting capacity.

A small lens is recommended for cutting thin materials and a large one for thick materials. A 2-inch lens usually gives the best output. It makes a balance of high engraving resolution and cutting capability. So, it is recommended to use in most laser cutting machines.

2. Rotary

Rotary engraving is a different kind of engraving process. The operating system of a rotary engraver is different from a laser engraver. It works using a mechanical engraver that utilizes a motorized spindle and a cutting tool together.

The cutting tool rotates with the spindle and removes areas of the material to engrave. It works on stainless steel, silver, gold, aluminum, titanium, brass, platinum, etc.

Attaching a rotary to a laser cutter allows opening up new shapes of material that can be laser cut or etched. Items like bottles, rolling pins, glasses, and more can be engraved in this way. The laser cutting machine has a “y-drive” where the rotary attaches. It commands the software to turn the rotary. Thus, comes out as a perfect engraving outcome.

3. Riser

As the name suggests, a riser extends the height of a laser cutter. It makes the cutter align with tall objects, giving more space to the workspace.

Riser goes well with rotaries as engraving bottles or glasses requires more space. It enables the rotary to fit in the bed of the riser with a similar depth.

4. Base Plate

A base plate underneath the material helps to place the material in the right position. It can be plywood, MDF, or some other piece of wood. As long as it's plane it will work fine. We may download a grid pattern and burn it into the wood.

There are other options. A bed of nails or a bed of screws can be alternatives. But using a base plate underneath makes a lot of difference.

5. Enclosure

Having an enclosure for a laser cutting machine is very much essential. We can just use a cardboard box as an enclosure within a cheap budget.

An enclosure separates the entire system from the outer environment. Thus, it allows it to work perfectly without any influence from outside.

6. Fume Extractors

During the cutting or engraving process, laser cutting machines emit contaminants into the air. These contaminants contain dust and fumes. The extraction and filtration of fumes are necessary for ensuring safety measures. If there is no outside access for fumes to pass, then a fume extractor can be the alternative.

A high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter system is used in fume extractors. It traps fumes and particles. The nozzle of the extractor should be positioned next to the source of fumes so that it can exit fast and directly.

7. Air Assist

Air assist is the concept of having a small amount of air blow directly onto the surface that is being cut or engraved.

There are a few benefits of having air assist. Air assist blows away any of the charring or the ashes that are being created while burning. It gets air constantly blowing that helps maintain any flames that might want to burst up. The accessory also blows away some debris while cutting.

8. Water Chiller

Like other electronic devices, a laser cutting machine produces heat during operation. And there are ways to cool it. Merging an industrial water chiller can keep the water temperature optimal. It prolongs the lifetime of the laser tube too.

Excessive heat may cause beam arcing, cracked tubes, and other damages to the laser cutter. So, attaching a water chiller is a must-have accessory. Specialists recommend keeping the water temperature between 60–70°F or 16–21°C which is ideal.

Why Are These Accessories Important?

8 Useful Laser Cut Machine Accessories You Should Have

The above-mentioned accessories can make the laser cutting machine more efficient. Many problems might arise while cutting or engraving with a laser cutter.

Heating is a common problem while the machine is in operation for a long time. Since a laser cutter works with a laser beam, there’s a chance to have fire sparks on the spot. Displacement of the laser beam causes an imperfect engraving.

Again, emitted fumes can cover the system and disturb the machine’s working. These accessories reduce the chance of facing such problems. However, the accessories are cheap and easy to find. But they add much value to a laser cutting machine.


Now, we know about the 8 must-have accessories for using laser cutting machine. Being versatile and useful, laser cutters have been a part and parcel of our everyday life. While being an amazing machine, we can make it more amazing with these accessories and get the best out of it.

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