Which Is Right for Your Business: CNC vs Laser Cutter?

CNC cutting and laseCNCr cutting are methods used in the manufacturing industry to produce parts of different components. These methods tend to handle delicate, complex, and intricate jobs. While the purpose of these two methods is essentially the same, there are fundamental differences between CNC and laser cutting methods in how they operate.

The laser cutter is preferable to customers compared to CNC because of the extra options and features it provides. However, there are instances where a CNC cutter is more suitable for small-scale cuts and cost-efficiency. It comes down to individual preferences as to which method would be ideal for your convenience.

This article will take a comprehensive look at all the aspects of CNC and laser cutting methods, alongside their pros and cons. If you are looking to find out if a CNC vs laser cutter would be more appropriate for your needs, this article is for you.

Let us dive into all the critical factors regarding CNC and laser cutting methods.

What Does CNC Cutting Method Entail?

CNC vs laser cutter: What Does CNC Cutting Method Entail?

The CNC cutting method refers to a cutting mechanism that enables one to manufacture parts and components of an item with precise positioning and speed. If you wish to cut materials with speed and precision, this is the method anyone should go with. Besides, CNC cutting involves fewer waste materials than other conventional methods.

There are many advantages to the CNC cutting method compared to the laser. First of all, you can avoid potential discoloration that usually takes place by using the laser. Second, when using CNC, you have far more control over measuring the depth of the cut, allowing you to create 3D cuts and objects.

Last but not least, CNC allows you to work with thicker than usual wood pieces. But the most significant advantage that CNC cutting has over its laser counterpart is its affordable cost. Since the CNC method tends to be significantly cheaper than the laser method, many industries prefer CNC in many manufacturing jobs.

If you wish to take a deep dive, click on this link to understand all the nuances of the CNC cutting method.

Types Of Cutting You Can Do With CNC

A wide range of cutting is done using the CNC method. Here is a brief review of the types of cutting that can be achieved using the CNC method.

1. Male Cuts

In general, male cuts are done on the outside around a particular object. The cutter comes down on the outer shell of the component during the process of male cuts to measure the width, height, and dimensions of the final parts. One can not get into the inside corner of 90 degrees or the sharp edges while using the CNC cutting method.

2. Female Cuts

Female cuts aim to extricate a piece by cutting through the material. As a result, female cuts tend to be more diverse and more prominent in size than male cuts. The female cuts are rounder in shape, just like male cuts on the inside.

3. Center Cutting

Center cutting using the CNC method tends to follow a simple line segment and primarily uses shapes. Therefore, it happens to be one of the most valuable forms of cutting using the CNC method.

What Does The Laser Cutting Method Entail?

CNC vs laser cutter: What Does The Laser Cutting Method Entail?

The laser cutting method is also operated by a CNC machine, albeit differently. This method is a contactless, thermal-based process that uses a high-voltage laser beam to cut and design materials. For this reason, this method is capable of handling complex shapes and intricate designs in an expert way.

If you deploy the laser cutting method, it is safe to say that the products will have high-quality cuts alongside smooth finishes. So much so that, generally, you will not require additional cleaning or treating of the materials at the end of the process. In addition, laser cutting can lower your production costs significantly and help reduce waste in large amounts.

The laser cutting method is renowned for cutting through even the most rigid metals with excellent efficacy. Unlike the CNC cutting method, the laser cutting method does not involve many moving parts. Therefore, maintenance is significantly easier. There is no other method available to cut wood or plastic materials as fast as the laser cutting method.

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Types Of Laser Cutting You Can Do For Metals

There is a wide range of sheet metals that you can cut using laser cutting. Here is a brief overview of the types of laser cutting you may use for metals.

1. Fiber

Fiber is one of the most suitable laser cutting materials for cutting up metals such as aluminum, copper, and brass. There are many upsides to using fiber, such as high optical quality, vibration stability, and relatively low maintenance.

You can also guarantee a high temperature and output power by using fiber. Click here to find more about Fiber laser cutting machines.

2. NdYAG

Neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum is a crystal laser that works well with various materials. The pros of NdYAG include high DPI capability, fast processing power for relatively thin materials, and high energy density.

3. C02 Laser

CO2 laser happens to be a high-powered laser that can generate long wavelengths of infrared rays. These rays can imbibe various titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel materials. However, it is essential to note some drawbacks of this process, such as big focal spots, the low propensity of power, and an inability to cut through infrared materials.

Which Is the Better Option: CNC vs Laser Cutter?

Both CNC and laser cutting methods are two of the most efficient ways you can use to cut and size up components for manufacturing. Although there are some similarities in the fundamentals of these two processes, there remain differences regarding their application and outcome.

Suppose quality and accuracy are the traits you are looking for at the expense of cost. In that case, laser cutting is undoubtedly the choice to go forward with, given all its perks and advantages. But if you face budget constraints and your job does not require the precision of laser cutting, you would be better off with the CNC method.

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