How To Make Money By Laser Cutting

A laser cutter is a useful tool for cutting materials perfectly. Today the use of the tool is not limited to industrial production only but it’s a tool for making DIYs. What if it can make money and make us entrepreneurs? Once we learn how to make money by laser cutting, we can find endless opportunities.

Apart from saying how to make money by laser cutting, this article provides reasons why laser cutting should be considered a potential business, what business we can do with a laser cutter, several myths about the laser cutting business, and many more.

Is Laser Cutting Business A Good Choice?

We may already have a laser cutter or maybe we’re thinking of buying one. If we aim to make money with a laser cutter, first of all, we must know if the laser cutting business is a good choice. Well, it is a potential and profitable business indeed. Here’s why. It may motivate and give the business intention a kickstart.

Increasing Demand

The demand for laser-cut products is always on the rise. It is because they have artistic value and are customizable. Since small laser cutters are user-friendly at home and are portable, their demand has drastically increased in the last few years.

As the market for laser cutting business isn’t saturated, so the demand is high while competition is low. Not many laser-cutting small enterprises exist in the market yet. Therefore, one can easily win customers once a niche is fixed.

Low Cost

While going for a start-up, the first and foremost challenge that concerns us is the initial cost or investment. In terms of a laser cutting business, it is low compared to other enterprises.

A laser cutting business competes in the market of the 3D printing industry, but it’s easier and more affordable for a lower cost. One can simply buy a laser cutter and start the business with proper planning.

It may cost around 300 to 500 USD for the full business set up including the laser engraver machine. Here’s what we need:

A laser cutting machine ($200-$1000), laser engraving software ($0-$200), website ($5 a month), social media sites (Free), business cards, and flyers ($50).

No Previous Experience Required

Going for a laser cutter business requires no previous experience. It’s not necessary if someone is doing it for the first time.

If he can be creative enough to bring out a new product and design idea, then it’s for him. Otherwise, he or she can even take ideas and turn them into new arts.


Another big advantage of doing a laser cutting business is that it is easy to adapt to changes. Since the market is evolving, new dimensions may appear. But it isn’t a big challenge to deal with it.

New competitors can be defeated with unique selling points. Coming up with creative ideas can help to cope with current trends.

Laser Cutting Business Ideas

We can think of laser-cutting business ideas from two angles. One is providing laser engraving service and the other is selling laser engraved products.

Service Business

Not everyone or every firm has a laser cutter as they might need it occasionally. So, they will take the service. We can provide corporate services which means engraving bulk orders like plaques, medals, awards, and stationeries.

On the other hand, the service can be commercial. It includes customized jewelry, like rings or necklaces, as well as unique gifts like mobile phone cases, engraved photos, welcome signs, etc.

Product Business

Having a laser cutter, we can make products of our own designs and sell them to the customers. There are endless scopes to be creative right here. Jewelry, bookmark, lighter, clock, etc. are some demanding products to start with.

We must go for product business ultimately as it will make the profit margin higher. People always like customization as per their own design and color choice. It provides a personal touch and specialty with it.

More Ideas

If we know how to use a laser cutter, we can utilize this precious skill in many ways. We may apply for a job in any laser engraving company. Workshops, courses, and seminars can be organized to share the skill and generate some extra revenue. We can sell templates to other laser-cutting enterprises. It will make the competitors own customers.

In fact, we can lend laser cutter machines to others and earn. A competition event is quite interactive. We can run regular campaigns and competitions to engage customers.

8 Myths About Laser Cutting Business

There exist many myths about starting a laser cutting business. We must be aware of them while starting one. The myths can break our confidence levels.

  • The market is too saturated
  • A laser is too hard to use
  • Learning the software is too tough
  • Marketing will be time-consuming
  • It needs to be artistic enough
  • Not having product ideas
  • Not enough profitable business
  • Return on investment is not guaranteed

A laser cutting machine is easy to use, and so is the software. A little but regular practice is all it needs. Also, we don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on marketing. Since the market is not very saturated and products have high demand, customers will buzz around. It doesn’t need to be very creative or artistic to run this business. The sense automatically grows with time.

We don’t have to have product ideas beforehand. While doing a business, the demand for different products can be easily measured. A laser cutting business is profitable enough. We need to give time until the business is established. Where there is business there is a risk. Risk minimization with a perfect business plan is all that matters.


Now we know how to make money by laser cutting. While laser cutting is a skill we shouldn’t keep it unutilized. So, ignoring all myths, it’s time to try a business with a laser cutter. The simple things at home may make us a successful entrepreneur!

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