7 Best Wood Laser Cutters for Small Businesses 2023

A wood laser cutter is an essential tool for individuals and industries associated with woodworking. This cutting machine provides accurate control with speed. Therefore, it improves the overall production process.

However, not all wood laser cutters are equal in terms of quality. As a result, one must look for a perfect wood laser cutting machine depending on their work.

This article lists some of the best wood laser cutters for small businesses. Before we learn about them, let's get to know the factors to consider when choosing a wood laser cutter.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Wood Laser Cutter

Whether you are a furniture maker, signage manufacturer, or professional who makes architectural models and prototypes, the following points will help you choose a perfect wood laser cutter.

Determine Your Budget

For several small businesses, wood laser cutter prices can be a big concern. So in advance, learn how much laser wood costs.

Once you have a budget in your mind, you can list your options accordingly. Making a budget also helps you escape overspending.

Individuals with a limited budget can choose a cutter having lower laser power and a smaller bed size. However, if you have an excess budget, seek the one offering premium features.

Power of Laser

All wood laser cutters comprise a laser tube. Its capacity is measured in watts. The higher the wattage is, the faster the machine cuts a material.

Depending on the thickness and hardness of the object, you can choose the laser power. Ensure your wood laser cutter has adequate speed and ability to perform your jobs.

Cutting Area/Bed Size

The best wood laser cutter for small businesses is the one that accommodates the dimensions of the wood pieces they work with.

We advise you to buy a machine with a larger cutting area than your current requirement. Thus you won't need to buy a new wood laser cutter with the expansion of your business.

Determine the Size of the Machine

Wood laser cutting machines are available in different sizes. You can choose from a desktop-sized cutter to a big industrial-sized machine.

Small companies starting off can choose a medium-sized wood laser cutter.

Accuracy and Precision

When cutting or engraving wood, accuracy plays a pivotal role. Make sure your wood laser cutter has features like autofocus and red dot pointers to ensure accuracy.


As buying a wood laser cutter is a considerable investment, do not forget to check the reviews beforehand. Also, find a reputable laser cutter manufacturer.

Adequate Safety Features

Advanced wood laser cutters come with various safety features. However, you must look for at least features like an emergency stop button and prevention against laser radiation. These safety features will help you comply with the required safety guidelines.

After-sales Support

Like every machine, your wood laser cutting requires maintenance. Get to know if your supplier offers after-sales service and ensures customer satisfaction.

Top Wood Laser Cutters of 2023

1. XTool D1 Pro


If you are engaged in any kind of woodworking and looking for a low-watt laser cutter, XTool can be a good option. It works fine on the wood piece with a thickness of up to 2 inches.

XTool D1 Pro is available in laser power between 10w-20w. This desktop hybrid laser cutter offers a work area of 430 x 390mm. It is an ideal machine for home uses, businesses, and DIY.

2. Trotec Speedy 400 Run On Ruby Laser Cutter

Trotec laser cutters (1)

Trotec Speedy 400 Run on Ruby is another best wood laser cutting machines for small businesses on the list. This industrial laser wood cutter uses an ultrasonic sensor and operates with a simple touch button.

The maximum working area it supports is 40x24 inches. While the maximum wood height it can accommodate is 11 inches.

If you need a mid-sized wood laser cutter, Trotec can be an excellent choice. Trotec Speedy woodcutter has laser power of 60-120w.

3.OMTech 80W CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver

OMTech 80W CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver (1)

OMTech 80W CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver is an ideal investment for mid-sized businesses. The laser power of 80w gives you adequate speed and precision.

The wood laser cutter comes with advanced air-assist sensor caster wheels. Individuals can use this machine to cut wood, acrylic, and other materials.

This wood-cutting machine features an intuitive digital control making the operation easier. It also has a built-in air pump that minimizes the heat and blows away debris.

Since the machine has a transparent window, you can see the process in real-time. The overall working area of the machine is 20”x28”.

4. Gweike C02 Cloud Desktop Laser Cutter and Engraver

Gweike C02 Cloud Desktop Laser Cutter and Engraver (1)

Gweike C02 Cloud Desktop Laser Cutter can be used as an engraver too. It gives you the laser power of 50w and the liberty to process materials like wood, leather, rubber, and acrylic. Its wood-cutting area is 30x51cm.

Coming to the features, the woodcutter comes with a built-in water chiller, air exhaust fan, cloud web software, and a 4.5mp camera.

5. Boss LS-1416

Boss LS-1416

Boss LS-1416 is the best wood laser cutter for small businesses and hobbyists seeking a versatile machine that excels in cutting and engraving.

The cutter can process various materials, including wood, leather, and acrylic. It has a built-in air compressor to ensure efficient cutting.

This 70w Co2 laser cutter supports a working area of 14x16 inches. The cutting machine has a water-cooling system to prevent overheating.

6. Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer

Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer (1)

Glowforge Plus 32 Laser printer is another suitable wood laser cutter for small businesses. This powerful machine can cut and engrave various materials, including wood, paper, fabric, and leather.

Glowforge Plus 32 Laser printer utilizes a CO2 laser of 40w and provides a precision of 0.025 mm. The machine can cut hardwood of 12.7mm at a speed of 24,000 mm per minute.

7. Allwinmac Wood Laser Cutter

laser cutter 500

Allwinmac wood laser cutting machine is one of the best wood laser cutters for small businesses making wooden gifts, toys, furniture, panels, etc.

The cutter can cut solid wood, plywood, birch, maple, bamboo, and more. It is a professional CNC laser-cutting machine that offers a fast yet precise wood-cutting experience.

Allwinmac machine gives you a maximum working area of 6000*200mm. The cutter comes with laser power: 500w-6000w.

The machine operates at a maximum speed of 120/min. It also has features such as autofocus, a cooling system, and a guide rail for safe and sound wood processing.


There is a range of best wood laser cutters for small businesses in 2023. These most-selling wood laser-cutting machines have a perfect balance of precision, efficiency and features. Pick the one that meets the requirements of your business.

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