How Long Do Laser Cutters Last? Laser Cutter Life Expectancy

Laser cutting is the process of creating patterns, designs, symbols, etc. by using a powerful laser beam on the selected material. The laser beam melts, burns, or vaporizes the material to bring out the desired shapes and patterns. This process is generally conducted through the careful and effective use of laser cutters. Laser cutters can finish the cutting within just a few minutes.

How long do laser cutters last depends on the stated power level (wattage). As a result, different laser cutters will have different lifetimes. In most cases, the laser tubes become degraded over time.

So, the output wattage declines, and component failures may occur. There are also other factors related to the durability of laser cutters that influence their lifetime of usage.

How Long Will Laser Cutters Be Of Service?

How Long Will Laser Cutters Be Of Service?

The lifetime of laser cutters varies depending on their power levels. It also varies from one type of laser cutter to the other.

A simple way of understanding how long will the laser cutters last is by checking the wattage of the laser sources, or the laser tubes.

Laser cutters are typically divided into three categories. Their functioning and lifespan are discussed below.

Gas Laser/ CO₂ Laser Cutters

The lifespan of CO₂ laser cutters can range from as short as 3 months to 3 to 4 years. In the CO₂ laser cutters, the CO₂ present in the tube breaks down into chemical compounds such as carbon monoxide and oxygen.

 When the tube is overdriven, it will further accelerate the decaying process of the cutter and reduce its lifespan. Under normal use, a 100W tube’s lifespan is rated at 3000-3500 hours.

In the CO₂ laser cutter, the CO₂ emits a wavelength of 10.6 mm. The energy produced by this is intense enough to pierce through thick materials. In these laser cutters, electrically-stimulated CO₂ is used to cut materials. The mixture that produces CO₂ for cutting includes other gases like helium and nitrogen.

CO₂ laser cutters are the most commonly used laser cutters due to their efficiency, smooth finish, and affordability. Generally, CO₂ laser cutters are used to cut materials like glass, leather, plastics, foam, acrylic, wood, etc. 

Crystal Laser Cutters

Crystal laser cutters emit a very powerful beam of wavelengths. This results in a lesser lifespan for them in comparison to other laser cutters. Usually, the lifespan of these laser cutters is around 10,000 to 15,000 hours.

After that time, the pump diodes need changing for the laser cutter to function. This results in a higher cost for using the crystal laser cutter machine.

The mechanism of crystal laser cutters is a little bit complex. These cutters use the laser beam generated by nd: YVO (neodymium-doped yttrium ortho-vanadate) and nd: YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) In crystal laser cutters, the emitted wavelength is generally 1.064 mm. So, crystal laser cutters have a higher intensity than CO₂ laser cutters.

In crystal laser cutters, the smaller wavelength of crystal laser cutters allows them to cut through relatively thicker and stronger materials than CO₂ laser cutters.

However, as they have a higher power in comparison, their parts also wear out faster. Crystal laser cutters are generally used to cut materials such as metals, ceramics, and some types of plastics.

Fiber Laser Cutters

The general lifespan of fiber laser cutters is approximately 100,000 hours. However, this period can vary from one fiber laser cutter to the other.

This happens because the mean time between failures, or, MTBF is different depending on the fiber laser cutters. A high MTBF is a good indicator of a higher lifespan for the laser cutter.

Fiber laser cutters are based on seed lasers. These types of lasers are generated by using a blank of diodes which are further amplified. In fiber laser cutters, the cutting is done using fiberglass.

The emitted beam of the laser’s wavelength is 1.064 mm. So, the intensity and the high energy allow them to cut smoothly through thick and stronger surfaces.

In these laser cutters, minimal maintenance lasts for a long period. Fiber cutters are very efficient. This is because the fiberglass converts 75% of the power into laser beams.

So, power loss is reduced. They are highly advanced and equipped with the latest technology. Fiber laser cutters are used to cut metals like copper, aluminum, steel, etc., and different plastics.

Why Should You Use A Laser Cutter?

Why Should You Use A Laser Cutter?

Laser cutters are a highly effective and precise mechanism for cutting different materials into desired patterns. The result is almost always up to the predefined standards.

That means, by using laser cutters you can get the most accurate design or pattern of your choice from different materials. So, these machines guarantee you the best result that you can get.

High Precision And Accuracy

Laser cutters can cut through almost any surface depending on the type of laser cutters. The highly efficient cutting tools. The high intensity of the laser beam allows it to cut through thick and stronger surfaces with ease.

As a result, no matter the given material, laser cutters can bring out the desired shapes, patterns, and symbols with high precision and accuracy.

Cutting Wide Range Of Materials

The major reason why you should use a laser cutter is that they are capable of cutting through a wide range of materials. Laser cutters can cut through a large number of materials.

The list includes- different metals, wood, plastic, acrylic, ceramic, and many more. This allows you the flexibility that no other cutting tool can. So, laser cutters are highly important.

High Production Rate

One of the biggest advantages of using laser cutters is that they can produce the desired results at a fast rate while maintaining precision. Laser cutters are both efficient at producing results as well as maintaining quality.

The high speed of cutting materials by laser cutters makes it a highly valuable tool. So, to maintain a high production rate, laser cutters are mandatory.


The laser cutter machines are now a game-changing tool in different industries including aerospace, automobiles, medicine, architectural models, electronics, and many more.

The lifespan of laser cutters varies and can range from several years to several decades. Thus, many established and small businesses also use laser cutters for multiple purposes.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you'll have a better idea about how long do laser cutters last and the different types available.

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