A Detailed Guide On Laser Cutter Maintenance

Laser cutters are one of the most fascinating tools of our time. They provide the maximum precision for cutting out desired shapes and patterns from a given material. But just like any other piece of industrial machinery, it requires regular maintenance. Thankfully, maintaining these cutters is not complex at all.

This detailed guide on laser cutter maintenance includes the most fundamental techniques that can contribute to a better servicing machine.

How To Maintain A Laser Cutter Machine Effectively?

When it comes to laser cutters, a little maintenance can go a long way. The maintenance task of laser cutters includes checking up on the device periodically and conducting some selected tasks.

If the user can do these tasks properly, then they would not need to worry about the maintenance of the machine very often. The maintenance activities of laser cutters are described as follows.

Daily Maintenance Of Laser Cutters

A daily maintenance task should be carried out for every 8 hours of service by the laser cutter. The daily maintenance tasks are very simple. Laser cutters can be delicate tools because of the certain parts that it is made of. For example- the top lens, laser tube, mirrors, etc. Dirty lenses and mirrors can lead to imprecise cuts and even damage the tool permanently

For daily maintenance, check the lens of the laser cutter. If necessary, they should be cleaned. So, to keep the lens and mirrors clean, the dirt should be removed by using a q-tip. Be sure to remove dirt from both sides. Using a lens paper to clean the equipment will be the best option. Use only the lens cleaner fluid that comes with the machine to clean it.

Weekly Maintenance Of Laser Cutters

Similar to daily maintenance, carrying out several monthly maintenance activities of the laser cutter will make its service better. We recommend doing weekly maintenance after 10 to 40 hours of laser cutting by the cutter. If you are conducting the daily care for laser cutters, then you might not need to do certain steps like- cleaning lenses, removing debris, etc.

The inner pad or pre-filter should be changed and the foam dust collector should be cleaned once a week depending on the usage. The runners should be oiled with a light oil according to suggestions. It is important to check for water levels and fill them if the levels are low. Check the necessary fluid levels thoroughly once a week.

You should also check the gas mixing unit for dirt and clean them accordingly. The laser gas drying filter is normally blue. So, if the color is different, you would need to change it. Also, check the laser cooling water circuit and chiller filter for impurities.  The oil level of the root pumps may need refilling. Use the suggested oil if it needs to be refilled.

Monthly Maintenance Of Laser Cutters

The monthly care for laser cutters is a very important step. After the service of approximately 800 hours, monthly maintenance is mandatory to carry out. Because, after this time of solid cutting, a lot of necessary tools may malfunction due to low levels of necessary oils, fluids, etc. Monthly maintenance is vital for the overall fitness of the laser cutter.

Firstly, check for the oil rising or falling from the laser bed in the laser cutter. Remember to only use the oils that are appropriate for the cutter. Check for impurities in the impeller on the fan unit. If there is a fume filter in the laser cutter, then you can skip this step. Check the water levels. If there is contamination, you will have to change it. Also, clean the filter in the chiller accordingly.

After that, check to see if all the plugs fit accordingly. The roots pump oil and vacuum pump oil may need replacing after the monthly services. Remember to check for the fuel tank of the excitation power supply, as there may be chances of leakage. There may also be corrosion in water pipes. If so, replace them as soon as possible.

Annual Maintenance Of Laser Cutters

Even with all the caretaking steps carried out perfectly, there can be unforeseen disturbances or irregularities in the laser cutter. For this reason, it is highly suggested to carry out a full servicing of the laser cutter machine after its annual service. This can also be equal to the service of 6,000 to 8,000 hours of operation done by the laser cutter.

For the full servicing of the laser cutter, it is best to consult with an organization that specializes in servicing laser cutters. Remember not to consult any regular servicing company. This is because the lens, beam tube, and much other equipment of the laser cutter are very sensitive and should only be handled by professionals.

The full-servicing process should help in bringing out important issues for the laser cutter. This may include certain leakage, corrosion in pipes, and lens-related issues. The servicing should focus on fixing all the issues so that the service of the laser cutter becomes fully precise and accurate.

Why Should You Take Laser Cutter Maintenance Seriously?

Just like any other equipment, laser cutters need their due maintenance. It is important to take the maintenance of the laser cutters seriously. They are not like any simple machinery. The laser cutting machines use high-intensity laser beams to cut through materials like metals, plastics, wood, ceramic, etc. So, careful usage and maintenance of laser cutters are mandatory.

Proper maintenance of the laser cutter can ensure a longer timespan for the machine. So, the longevity increases and the machine becomes durable. Moreover, the desired results out of the machine stay precise and accurate according to preferences. Maintaining the laser cutter machine can ensure a higher production rate that is ultimately beneficial for you.

By taking laser cutter maintenance seriously, many unexpected accidents and irregular outcomes can be prevented. You can ensure higher safety and reliability by maintaining the machine. So, it is immensely important to take the maintenance of the laser seriously.


Laser cutters are a highly precise and advanced tool to get the most accurate results. Ensuring that your cutter holds on to this precision requires frequent maintenance.

This detailed guide on laser cutter maintenance shows us that it is not complex to conduct the maintenance of the laser cutter machine at all. The maintenance of this equipment is an important step for its performance. Thus, we can get the best results out of the laser cutter.

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