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Laser cutting has become the latest trend in different sectors, including the medical product manufacturing industry. Surgeons are capable of making highly precise cuts using laser technology. Moreover, laser-cut parts are very useful for creating high-end medical devices for a better quality of life. For instance, valve frames, stents, bone reamers, and vascular clips are made from laser-cut parts.
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The medical device manufacturing industry has witnessed several positive transformations in recent years. Companies in this sector know the importance of providing low-cost healthcare. It has resulted in the need for using affordable and reliable medical equipment. Due to the growth of MedTech, manufacturers have found the value of innovative laser cutting machines. Medical device laser cutting projects can be accomplished within the shortest time by using innovative machines. In fact, high-power output and ease of use are some common reasons for choosing medical device laser cutting technology.
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Applications of laser technology in the medical industry

Lasers are the most commonly used option for seam welding, hermetic sealing, and spot welding of small medical devices. A machine used for medical device laser cutting projects can also be chosen for engraving purposes.
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  • Pacemakers
  • Endoscopic instruments
  • Batteries
  • Surgical blades

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