Laser Cutting
for aerospace

Laser cutting and laser engraving are used in many manufacturing industries, but you might not expect that the aerospace industry is one of the most in-demand industries for laser machines.
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Aircraft Engine

Why laser cutting
so popular in 

As laser technology continues to mature, it plays an irreplaceable role in the field of aero-engine manufacturing. The high processing accuracy, high speed, low energy consumption, and no mechanical effect of laser make it one of the most popular technologies in the aerospace manufacturing industry.
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Lasers Applications
in the aerospace

Laser cutting is widely used in the field of aerospace. Take aircraft engines as an example, their large and small parts can use laser cutting technology. Laser technology plays a positive role in improving the performance, lifetime and cost of aerospace delivery vehicles.
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  • Guide vanes
  • Fan blade plate
  • Insulation Screen
  • Aircraft skins
  • Wing fasteners parts
  • End effectors parts

Laser machines

for aerospace manufacturing
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